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Do you like to talk dirty?


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This new half-hour show on the Life Network called, "Sex, Tools & Chocolate" is currently looking for fun, attractive, unmarried, chatty men and women between the ages of 25-35 - older or younger if you look like you fit into the range, who aren't shy to talk about sex and the nitty gritty of dating and relationships. The show is an `on-the-couch' discussion about sex, relationships
and everything that goes alongside mating. Basically it's a `he says', `she says' look at everything from `Mama's Boys', 'long distance love', 'can men and women just be friends' to 'blowjobs', `best positions', `piercings', 'toys'.....you get the idea. We're on at 10pm so we're lettin' it all hang out. Oh, and did I mention there's booze on set to facilitate all this!

If you know people that would be interested please pass this on. Thanks!

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Natacha Robinson
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room