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Do you know where I can find a room to rent for the summer?


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Hi all.

I'm from London and am looking to rent a room in a house/apartment downtown from May 1 - labor day weekend. My range is from $300 - $550/mo, preferably somewhere along the Yonge or Bloor subway lines and preferably with fellow students.

I don't smoke (and want to live with other people who don't smoke - mostly cigarettes in the house), I am fairly neat, and will keep my debaucherous nighttime activities to a minimum (if needs to be.... :D)

I've gotten access to the UofT housing listings, but I don't know any other resources to find a place to sublet. Does anyone know any other websites for me to check out? Is anyone looking for a summer roommate?
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i think you can get a room at new college at u of t for about $300-$400 a month....i know people that have done that in years past.