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Do you IRC?

I think if this keeps up, Tribe's sole readership in Alberta will blip back down to zero.

From the Ministry of Dave, think of the magazine. And my movie review readership

Prime Minister Highsteppa
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my usual hang out

my usual nick

not on much now-a-days though...



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Screenname [KM]Rakitin, find me online there, and i'll give you the actual name of the room.
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i used to


i dunno how successful any still are in keeping users
i haven't been in any for over a year?

i used to chat in alot of courier/release scene channels and in some iso distro chans that my friends were in

i've never been in the mp3 rls scene tho .. something i've always wanted to do .. namely sour / bpm / bmi .. although i have no clue if they are releasing anymore .. well, sour obviously is.

i had to stop using irc entirely

it's too much of a timewaster


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kingdom movies?

i don't really care anyway

this reply was a waste of time as well

i hate "the collective" internet.