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do you have a certain way of speaking to your pet?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Nesta, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. Nesta

    Nesta TRIBE Member

    me and my dog, prince, have a certain way of communicating.
    of course, i do all the talking, he does all the listening.
    but my voice alters into this distorted pet squirk.
    the crazy part is i love doing it!

    pwizzzeeeeeeeeeee, tu tu! :D
  2. Che

    Che TRIBE Member

    Oh no Nesta, too much info :D :p
  3. Cameron

    Cameron TRIBE Member

    When we got our family dog as a puupy we all talked to him like he was a baby, now that he's older he loves to still be spoken to in that tone.

    It's just pleasent for him to listen to us, and he knows that he's the center of attention.
  4. Mr_Furious

    Mr_Furious TRIBE Member

    I can't stand the way some people talk to the pets or babies in a pseudo Elmer Fudd/Tweety bird kind of voice

  5. terrawrist III

    terrawrist III TRIBE Member

    I usually yell at the cat "get off there!!"

    the cat doesnt listen..then I push the cat off of whatever it is he is on...we're comfortable like that!
  6. cdp

    cdp TRIBE Member

    Try looking at the pet and, all of a sudden, make a real surprised look. Even raise your hands in surprise. And gasp. Most pets get freaked out.
  7. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    i talk to my dog like i would to anyone
    most of the time i whine to her
    my sister does the baby talk, as does my mom, i think its a female thing.

    my tone is either normal, sleepy, whiny, or angry and authorative.
    she understands english & spanish.
    then agian she may just have learnt to attach meaning to different word sounds even though they mean the same thing

    "queres salir?"
    "wanna go out??"

  8. statira

    statira TRIBE Member

    My dog is the biggest suck ever, he loves to lay across my lap. I wouldn't call it baby talk when i talk to him but its borderline...lol. I have different nicknames for him just cause hes so cute, like sweety and crazy legs...maybe i'm weird.

  9. Cheeka

    Cheeka TRIBE Member

    ^^^ mine too.
    I have the cutest dog ever... and I fully talk baby to him.
    some "people" swear I made him a whiner... I have no idea what they are talking about ;)
  10. Cheap Ego

    Cheap Ego TRIBE Member


    I talk to my GF's dog in Polish.

    It's great cause when I visit Poland, I don't know how to speak the language, so I talk to everyone in dog commands.


    Lie Down! <-- that's a useful one.

  11. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    I have a Beagle and she talks to me!
    I found it most interesting the day I realized that I was able to communicate with my dog. Using sounds and words, movements and tones that we had created together. It was amazing that she learned to communicate with me. Dogs are so smart! :)

    They know things! Bailey knows that when her paws are wet, we have to wipe them, she know when I brush my teeth, that it's time for bed. She knows how to tell me that she's thirsty, or that she wants to go for a walk. She knows how to get my attention...it's honestly such a fascinating thing to observe comunication develop.

  12. Hi i'm God

    Hi i'm God TRIBE Member

    I tought my uncles dogs to get back to their roots and howl instead of bark. Now they're block has a pack of wolves.
  13. tommysmalls

    tommysmalls TRIBE Member

    my cat squeeks and chirps like a bird!


    i wish i had a dog. a weiner dog. then i can dress him up in a coat that looks like a hotdog bun. and carry him aorund in my knapsack.
  15. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    I used to have a wiener dog! Her name was Ginny.
    We brought her here from Australia, but had to put her sleep when she was 18. :(
  16. swenard

    swenard TRIBE Member

    My dog is funny. and me talking to her is even funnier![​IMG]
  17. Skipper

    Skipper TRIBE Member

    OMG. So funny...just lol'd in class! :D

    Hot dog....hehehe

  18. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    I just talk to our cat like he's a real person. I always ask him "whatsup" and call him "pal".
  19. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    i've got a dog.. a jack russell terrier named vegas..... hes technically my sisters dog but hes always taken to me... one of the funniest/cutest things is when its near bedtime.. he always sleeps in my room... so if we're downstairs and i say bedtime.. he'll run halfway up the steps and wait for me to start coming up stairs... then he'll run into my room..

    usually b4 i go to bed i'm on my computer in my room though.. so vegas will hop onto my bed... and if its made.. he'll completely mess it up to make some spots for him to lay in and sleep..

    When i decide to go to bed i wake him up.. he gets up... goes to the bottom corner of the bed.. and waits for me to get settled.. as soon as i do he comes and rolls up against my chest :)

    Sometimes if i'm having a restless sleep.. i'll wake up to find him sleepign on the floor cause i was movin around too much :) and then he'll be pissed at me :)

    ... err this may all sound wierd but really its cute as hell :) and its decent to feel loved by vegas...


  20. swenard

    swenard TRIBE Member

    My dog does so many cute things that I can't list them all.
  21. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    to my pet halibut...

    you'd look good w/ some chips :D
  22. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    Re: to my pet halibut...

  23. juice

    juice TRIBE Member

    I talk to my dog Abby like I would to a normal person. However my sisters use baby talk and like to dress her up with silly things :


    The cat Tigger gets no lovin' anymore since we got the dog. I think she's still bitter about it, I mean look at that evil look on her face :



    ahhh youre pets are so cute!! if you dont love your cat anymore i will have him!




    this is my future dog. im gonna name him Beans. get it? weiner (dog) and beans? hehe...

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