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Do you buy Trance (Vinyl) in Toronto?




Quick update for all our buyers of house, we will be updating the site each week now before noon on Monday with upcoming highlights for the current weeks shipments!


For buyers that haven't visited us yet, you are welcome to check us out anytime. We bring in shipments weekly from UK labels & distributors, but also direct from NYC and California as well.

Special Offer for Tribe Users!
For anyone new to Electric Orange Records that brings in a printed copy of this thread , we will provide you with 10% off the purchase price of your vinyl or cd purchases good until February 24,2002!

Peace from the Electric Orange Crew!
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Sorry ... don't know what happened to my previous reply ... but we "will" be stocking psy-trance over the next month sometime thru our newest buyer DJ DAM :) ...

In the meanwhile, we have a very strong selection in Hard, Progressive, Epic ... you name it ... industrial ... basically tons of Trance!

Peace and hope that helps ~ Lyphe
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