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Do you bottle things up?

The Watcher

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Do you bottle things up? As a way to deal with things?

If something is bothering you, do you push it way into the center of your being and use all your energy to ignore this new growth you are now incubating?

I've just noticed that this is used by some people as a way of dealing with unpleasantries. And from my experience, letting something fester is not the healthiest of ways of dealing.

How do you deal with live when it's less than pleasant?
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Boss Hog

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I knew a woman once*.

She didn't quite bottle things up but rather expelled them from her body. Just the nagging essences of herself that she didn't want to deal with. Passion, desire, love, sexuality, endearment, fragility, and hope, amongst others.

She put them into the bottom of her closet.

Now, never having left the comfort of her soul they sat there wondering WTF until they had to adapt, all the while realizing they were slowly being starved to death. They had to rebuild relationships with each other in order to try and survive (hope was with them, see.) Some of them resorted to cannabalism.

Then she met a guy, and some of those essences disappeared from her closet because they were required by her soul to deal with that relationship. But some of them stayed. Then some other things happened.

So don't bottle your emotions if you can avoid it.

*I didn't know her per se, I just wrote a story about her so at least in my head she was real, for a short time.


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i bottle things up.. but i don't try to forget about them.. i push everyone away and deal with it on my own
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just figure out an outlet. Working out at the gym, playing video games, going out for a walk and so on allows me to blow off the steam that I've gathered throughout the day. Usually I'll have the events that are unpleasant at the forefront of my mind when I'm trying to do that action that allows for a release.


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I agree with that^^^^

I do that either subcontiously or.. I get really stressed out and then plan for it to happen. I mean, getting stressed and then dropping everything and saying, screw this... I am going jogging or... whatever.
Or you just take up a routine that you know is healthy for you.
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This "bottling things up" crap is such bullshit. It implies that there are only two ways to deal with things -- either bottle them up or let them out.

It's a lot easier to just not fixate on your problem. It really takes less effort and causes less drama to just let it disippate. No bottling or violent outbursts required.


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Well, when you have no outlet and no one to talk to you are basically left to yourself. Passive agression or not...sometimes people just don't know how to let it out.

I am not saying I am one of those people, I have found ways to get it out. Seeing someone professionally to talk to or your doctor or something can help. Did for me. I was having a particularily hard time at home, and with friends, work...basically I was very unhappy. I got myself down to the Mental Health Hospital and spoke with someone. I had to. I had no one to talk to and I couldn't just keep it inside anymore. I found this particualrily difficult to do since asking for help is not one of my strong suits, but I did it. And I felt better that I did. It seemed embarrasing at the time, but really I think it was the best thing for me at the time. Just someone who would be there to talk to and tell your problems to and someone who would give you an objective opinion to help you sort things out. If you need further help they're there to give it to you. Anyway...I have found now that when things build up inside me there are ways I deal with that now. Get out for a run, walk. Throw something in the back yard (that felt good to throw something) or whatever.

That's my story...


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I bottle everything up, then let it all out at an appropriate time. Like when I hit that referee with the whiskey bottle.
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I only bottle sometimes. BUt I find even if I don't bottle, and I let things out..it only relieves me momentarily..until I just feel it itching at me again..ugh

my poor friends :D I love them soo much!

case sensitive

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I used to bottle up, but now I'm in touch with the concept of telling people exactly what's on your mind (with a couple of exceptions). Living with less contained hatred.


Big Cheese

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but the way i look @ it, i don't keep it there for a long time

to let it fester? nawh that's unhealthy

there is a time and place for everything, and sometimes you need to just swallow it down and deal with your shit someother time.

and nicky... life

c'est la vie :^/

i deal with things somewhat like this

sure I can be sulky and feel like a wet sack of busted up assholes... I'm human, i can feel that way because it's natural. But there is someone out there, no make that ALOT of people out there who have it way the fuck worse then what i got going on, despite how crappy i think it is...

puts things in the right order for me to sort my shit out

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Prickly Pete

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I am a firm believer in picking your battles...

So yeah I bottle... but going out listening/dancing to some good breaks or house usually expells the energy...

It also helps that I can yell at subtrades and architects... its very good with getting your anger out during the day so that on my own time I am generally relaxed...
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um...........good question.

sometimes. I guess. Depends.

I think I have a pretty open relationship with the people around me. I can't tell them how I feel, whether they like it or not. Some people moreso than others.

I think the people (my friends) closest to me appreciate my honesty. They get me, and my approach (which can be a little abrupt sometimes, but meant with good intentions)

When it comes to my own feelings about myself, I'm less likely to discuss.
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