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Do I dare? the refurbished XBOX from best buy


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Best buy is selling these for $199.99 with 3 crappy games. I was told they were refurbished by Microsoft, so they should be reliable. I'm always warry of refurbished products though.
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My bro was going to but they were sold out at the time... hurry with your decision Jan 1 is the deadline.


The Watcher

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If it's refurbished by Microsoft. It comes with a warranty, usually a year or two.

Save reciept and original packaging and you are cool.

Or spend the extra 50 bucks and get a new one.


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They have a 90 day warranty. I was told the new ones only have a 90 warranty as well.

the games it comes with are RAW, the scooby-doo game, and some monster truck game i believe.
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refurbished or new.. it doesnt matter.. if your box wants to break... it will.

mine is/was new.... it broke between a re-boot.. now it wont boot up atall anymore.

takin' it in to get it replaced today. yay for walmat exchanges no questions asked.