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DnB in Kingston, Ontario

evil homer

TRIBE Member
I know this may be a 'upcoming events' post...but i don't ever look in there and I bet that means that plenty of you don't either...

you Kingstoners know how sparse DnB events are, but there's a whopping 3 over the next two weeks so I figured this was the ideal forum for this message:

Friday November 23
Club 477 (477 Princess) - 10pm-3am, 5$
Lots of Industrial, Hard Techno and some killer Drum and Bass and continuing every friday for the next 6 weeks at least. Dark and agressive sonic assault.

Sunday November 25
Common Ground Cafe (Upstairs JDUC) - 8pm-12am, 0$
Chilled out DnB, Funky and loungey with some hip hop, acid jazz, dub and mellow breaks to smooth it all out.

Friday November 30
Steel Workers Hall (Concession near Bath/Princess) - 10pm-8am, 13$
Vector crew throwing another of their events, this time 2 rooms. All the usual suspects (check the big flyers around town) plus some DnB from all over the spectrum.

So there you have the underground hardcore event, the loungey chilled out event (which is free incidentally) and the BIG PARTY. Take your pick, come to all 3 and support the long overdue breakbeats.

All of them feature myself back2back with Graham Campbell, if you caught our set at the Bassmint you know these are not to be missed no matter what kind of DnB tickles your fancy.

As always check the Blunted Beats radio show, Mondays at midnight, CFRC 101.9 FM

Any kingston junglists please give me a shout, djevilhomer@hotmail.com
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nice to see some dnb getting to kingston.....it was killer to find anything while i was there....thank god for 477

evil homer

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its spreading out of that basement slowly and surely...Scherzo, Bassmint, QP and the radio waves.

I know there's some lurkers here so just come out 477 tonight, introduce yourselves perhaps we can even start up some kind of *gasp* local scene

evil homer

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Comin up to Friday
just assembled a sweet little mix, pure dancefloor styles

Manix - Hardcore Junglism (Total Science rmx)
Zinc/Hype - Ready or Not
Capleton - Who Dem (Souljah rmx)
Skeptic - Tear
Tribe Of Isachaar - Wardance
Total Science - Jet Set
Future Cut - Hideous Kinky
Dubplate - Wot's My Code (Total Science rmx)
Doc Scott - Here Come the Drumz (Breakage rmx)

Doc Scott - Here Come the Drumz (original)

the last two tunes are unmixed, they just sound sweet one after another. Not my usual style but i'm overly excited for all the little junglists b/c we very rarely get sweet soundsystems to play on.

Anyways come on out kingstoners, I got some music to give away
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