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[DnB/Breakcore] C64 - Scotland Slacker mix - Nov.2006


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This is a tribute to my new temporary home of Edinburgh, and my new student lifestyle, allowing me to catch up on about 4 years of sleep.


Recorded live using two 1200’s, a pile of vinyl and serato scratch.

Scotland Slacker Mix
November 2006


01. Enduser – Calculated Steps (Peace Off - Kamikaze Club)
02. Noize Creator - Rok Da House (Nasdia)
03. Knifehandchop - Ninjaman (Deer Hunter Riddim)
04. MR.Kill - Lewd Violence (Peace Off - Kamikaze Club)
05. Krumble - Usual Terror (Peace Off)
06. Devnull – Shardes Of Rhythm (Dross:tik) **forthcoming
07. Dr. Bastardo – Punished (Peace Off)
08. Venetian Snares – Pwntendo (Planet-Mu)
09. Geroyche - Untitled (kool.POP)
10. Rotator – New Breed (Peace Off)
11. Krumble - Hindance **unreleased
12. Unitus – The Dry Hour Of Geography (Electromeca Rmx) (Dross:tik)
13. Sileni – Lobe Crack (Thac0)
14. Dolphin & Teknoist – Closing Time (Planet-Mu)
15. DJ Chucky - Is Anybody Out There (Cock Rock Disco)
16. DuranDuranDuran – Ghetto Gaggers
17. Squarepusher – Welcome To Europe (Warp)
18. Zark Behida - Step Sigma (Trotch)
19. Belladonnakillz – Neverever (Sublight)
20. Adjust – Nerve (Low Res)
21. Dr. Bastardo – Cease And Desist (Peace Off)
22. Mochipet – Arpattack (Peace Off)
23. Parasite - Toxic Dancehall (Peace Off - Kamikaze Club)
24. Blaerg - Christina Aguilera Aint No Other Man (Blaerg Oral Fistfuck Remix)

evil homer

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fuckin sweet, listened to this twice last night.
how long are you over there for? It looks like i'm moving to edinburgh in january for at least a year.