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Dnady Jack! Mike Shannon! Footwork!


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I can't wait to see what this guy Dandy Jack does to Footwork on the tenth of June... and Mike playing too? Come on...

I just saw Dandy & Sonia at the Perlon afterparty in Detroit and all I can say is NOT TO BE MISSED!!! He played a few years back at Mutek and blew the roof off there also (first solo, then with Atom TM and Ricardo V). He sounds nothing like his records live, so don't judge until you see him. The show in Detroit made @M Duke think that it was some kind of new torture- we were so tired, but couldn't leave the dancefloor because it was so fuggin' amazing...:D :D :D :D

Honestly, in my opinion (so much so I spelled it out) this guy is the best PA going these days. He really throws himself in to his set and has a great time. He doesn't just stand behind his computer. The music is phenominal with a steady energy. Don't not go. Make the trip out, even if you haven't heard him before, you will be so happy. This line up is sweet. Mike alone would be amazing! Here's to Terence and Mario for bringing these guys in!
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Donc said:
MURAT added!

I am hyped for this show... Junction SM and Dandy Jack rocked in Detroit and I am sure in MTL...

FYI - Murat and Terence Kissner (AFE) will be on Die Maschine show this week.


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:O :eek: :O
oh baby oh baby oh baby

fuck, this weekend issa gonna be rrrrrrrrrruff.
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dandy jack & Junction SM were one of the highlights of mutek for me... not to be missed!!!


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Its a good job this ijs on a sat night.. I need to watch the footy on sat am... If this were on friday i would have declined.. but... whoot whoot...maybe
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Destro Sanchez

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here we go again on my own, going down the only road I've ever known (techno)

but I've made up my mind

another busy weekend ahead!



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I so wish I had a little bit more money - do I ever want to go
and it's only 10 bucks, but I still can't afford it - broke house blues


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did i already mention this should be DOPE??
only heard good things bout dandy jack, and everyone knows mike drops the real funk..... then throw in murat for a bit of science.


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this will be just the kick in the groin that i need to keep the weekend going. i'm catching a Golden Dogs show at the Horseshoe and then i'm heading over to FW.
bitches. ;) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Adam Duke

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I was there in Detroit a few weeks ago for his set at the Perlon party with the goddamn SWEATIEST ERIC DOWNER I have ever seen.

Dandy is amazing.
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It's good to get the non tech heds out. This guy goes all over the place.

He's chillin' about town today and seems pretty stoked to be here...:)
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