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DMT anyone done it?


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The people who are convinced "there's something out there" are generally the ones who are habitual users, and their mythologization of the experience is as out-of-touch with reality as any other habitual drug-user.
I had a friend who tried it in the mid-90's - he was into the X-Files - and afterward was convinced he had seen aliens during his experience. I don't know if he did it again, wouldn't surprise me.


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Aliens! Looking suspiciously like an amalgam of pop culture influences and therefore probably genuine..;)

Klubmasta Will

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i've gone deep (unconscious, with a trusted friend watching over me) on DMT and can safely say that it is unlike any other intoxicating experience that i have had. this was in 2001, at my first burning man festival. i was out for about 40 minutes, then woke up and wrote several pages in a journal about the experience.

i then wandered into the desert and had what was one of the best nights of my life, shared in parts with chrome (peace and rock steady), mark szilard and tyler cho (renegades masta).

i have not read the journal since. i was about to bring it with me to a subsequent burning man festival, so that i could read it there, but i changed my mind at the last minute and left it behind. i will read it one day, i'm just not sure when.

i did a lot of research before trying it. i knew that the best results come from freebasing it properly, so i had someone there to teach me how to do it and then take care of me (which included catching me as i lost consciousness while sitting on a hammock and then laying me flat) when it hit.

it hits incredibly fast and hard, before you finish inhaling. many cannot handle the speed/power at which it hits, so they pull out and don't go all the way in. i was determined to go all the way in, and so i kept going even though the world was caving in. i remember the instant before going under thinking that i must have done too much and was going to die. then i went in.

i am reluctant to try to explain my experience here, because i could not do it justice. i will say that at the climax of the experience, i felt like i was experiencing every single moment of my life, from birth to present to future to death, at the same time, including feeling every emotion that i have ever felt, at the same time, and it was not at all overwhelming and it all made perfect sense. i had a sense of absolute joy, sadness and clarity that i simply cannot adequately describe.

i have had my share of different intoxicating experiences. this was on a completely different level.

i would be terrified to try it again, mainly because i recall the overwhelming speed/power with which it hits and the thoughts i felt as i went under. if the circumstances were absolutely perfect, i would be tempted, but i'm not sure i would do it.

if you do try it, make sure you go all the way in.

p.s. i am writing this post using my friend's user account. :p
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well if Klubmasta feels safe to come out - I might as well too -

I"ve done it a couple of times - but not that deep...the longest I"ve been under was 20 minutes - with intense fractals....

I've always loved psychedelics - I wish I had never started doing other types of drugs - I started with LSD, so DMT was a natural extension...

definitely worth the trip


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i got some really good 2cb lately and have been blown away
k and 2cb have shown me things i didnt think possible but i dont know if i can handle dmt but want to expand further. i have always felt there is something we are just not seeing or experiencing because we are taught to not look deeper or question things

anyone done it?
if you liked 2c-b, you would love 2c-i.
and yeah DMT is quite a ride.
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2cI is amazing - all the fractals with none of the headfuck - but that's what I kinda miss with 2CI - I like getting to that point where you can't tell what's going on..........only to find out everything is okay

glych t.anomaly

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LOL this thread is party gold.

LSD should be taken regularly or good balance and mental health :) like on beaches and fun nights in the city during the summer, and of course festivals :D

2cb, 2ci are wonderfully fun things to take, much better and fun than your garden variety mudma etc. mixing them with LSD or mushrooms is a trip and a half, especially if you do one, then do the other during the last 30% of your trip, for an extended vacation.

K, is something i just didnt enjoy, and i think due to generally not enjoying being so fucked up you are literally a puddle( but this may have more been due to being to drunk while attempting it.) more recent experiences with lesser amounts mixed with other things like Mudma have proven to give it a flare that might be more worth exploring.

but i do appreciate other people being that fucked up hahahaa.

tried DMT years and years ago, but never went FULLY DEEP. i guess similar to my views on K, its just not something that i really enjoyed.
but it was the most truly psychadelic drug ive ever taken.
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the wiz

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What's up with the taste of this stuff anyway. Dang, I know I've smoked bits of carpet and god knows what all else that have accidentally gotten in my pipe during cleanups but this stuff is something other.
That typical taste and "mothball-like" smell you notice is most likely from the Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark, which is most commonly used as the organic matter from which the crystalline DMT is extracted (through a variety of solvents... Recipes for Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark extraction methods can be found on Erowid.org and many other sites which cater to psychedelic chemists.....but I believe that for DMT production, a person should have a moderate to advanced knowledge of organic chemistry and be comfortable with all the glass lab equipment involved etc.........definitely not a "bathtub" job.)

Ya......It is the Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark that gives DMT that taste and smell. If you wanna test it yourself, just buy some of the dried root bark from either "Petite Amsterdam" ( 1st Street and Lakeshore Blvd. West in Etobicoke)....or "Sacred Seeds" on Dundonald Street, just north of Yonge and Wellesly.

Grind-up that bark into a reddish-purple powder and take a whif.
It will smell just like crystalline DMT.

the wiz

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Once you have the Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark, you have your DMT source for the production of what some call " Pharmahuasca". This is the name given to Ayahuasca-like brews which contain both a DMT source combined with a Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor or MAOI to allow the DMT to be absorbed orally. So, for instance, a common pharmahuasca blend would be to combine crushed "Syrian Rue" seeds (Pergamum Harmala) with the Mimosa Hostilis Root bark, and the effects of the brew would be quite similar in effect to many other ayahuasca combinations.

One of the most "traditional" combinations to form a true ayahuasca brew is to combine the crushed pieces of the vine (Banisteriopsis Caapi) with the leaves from a plant which is sometimes referred to as "Chacruna" (Psychotria Viridis).
Healers from different amazonian regions have a wide variety of "admixture" plants that they will use to customize their particular brew. A scopolamine-containing tree, which some natives call "Toe-eh" (Brugmansia family)....closely related to the Nightshade family of plants.---henbane, mandrake, thornapple, datura. Most of these plants were popularized by their use throughout the middle ages by "witches" and other occult practitioners. In fact, the common legend about witches riding a broomstick actually derived from true events, but it's not what you think.

These women were sometimes making a oil-based paste from the leaves of these delierium-inducing plants and rubbing the paste on the ends of broomsticks and then putting the sticks "inside themselves"...if you know what I mean.

The mucosal membranes in their vaginas would absorb the active scopolamine from the fatty mixture which was spread on the ends of the broomsticks.............which produced HEAVY hallucinations and delierium.

I bet some DID actually feel like they were flying on those broomsticks......lol........but I digress.

Ayahuasca is not to be trifled with. It is a holy medicine which has been used in and around the Amazonian basin for probably thousands of years. Many tribes, like the Shipibo of Peru still revere ayahuasca as an element central to the smooth functioning of their culture.

A healer is still consulted for aid and guidance and the people honour and respect the interpretations which are derived from his visionary experiences.

Some healers describe being able to "see-through" the body and actually be able to locate the source of a physical/psycho-spiritual malady, when under the influence of ayahuasca.

The songs or "Icaros" which accompany the ceremonies are indispensable to the healing process. So, to consume ayahuasca without the guidance of a healer who knows the traditional songs, would be a poor move indeed.

So, overall, my opinion is that DMT is a profound experience. One that surely puts me in touch with a Multiverse which has a different vibrational energy than our common day experiences. At times I can only describe it as awe-inspiring and horrifying. I'm glad that smokable DMT only lasts a short while, because it would be a tough ride to be stuck with all those smiling chug-a-lugging Court Jesters for hours on end. It has elements of a dashboard from an Alien Craft. All smooth, highly-polished, glossy and sleek.......a science-fiction like quality.

At high doses of DMT, some describe the feeling that they are in the presence
of a super-intelligent being of some kind.

Unkle Mackenna calls them "Self-Transforming Machine Elves"

He says they speak a language which is "beheld" instead of "heard"

For instance......these Machine Elves may create some whirlygig-type monstrosity before your eyes, and that object essentially represents VOLUMES of actual information. They have found a way to compress massive "language files" and they attempt to offer us the opportunity to "download" these "Statues of Language", and thus integrate them into our being.......for the eventual ripple-effect-betterment of all society.


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By unusual coincidence I was speaking with a gentleman who mentioned DMT in passing. As if there were something else on his mind at the time.

Well I interrupted immediately, as my mind spins when a commoner mentions DMT, which, I guess, this was the first time that happened.

me> "Wait wait, sorry to interrupt, but you've tried DMT?"
him> "Yeah there was a girl at a party trying to sell it but eventually she just started giving it away to anyone would try it."
me> "So you did DMT for free and weren't even looking for it?"
him> "Yeah."
me> I started rubbing my face
me> "I started looking for DMT in 1996 and have had no luck at all, most people don't even know what it is!"
him> "Oh it's dimethyl tryptamine!" then he laughed here because he was smoking weed
me> serious "So how was it?"
him> "Well, I smoked it, and then, I don't know what happened. And then I was back."

This answer was highly unsatisfying. I asked if he knew the chick who sold it and he said no, it was at some party or something.

Well, dimethyl tryptamine.

If you are about my age, when you were in grade 3, they used to have out school issued rulers. Yes, "rulers", the measuring device not the Saddams or Bushes of the world. On the back were printed all the drugs that were illegal or could somehow cause you harm or damage, according to whomever paid off the school board to hand off these rulers. Wooden rulers, with a metal edge, in metric, quite nice actually. DMT was mentioned on there.

Was DMT really a big problem with 8 years olds in 1983?

"the more you learn".