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@dm - System - Dancing!


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Have you dyed your hair Adam?? Not sure about the style ... but I guess if it works ... just as long as you don't give new tribers a hard time on the board <smile>

ha ha

If I started dancing right now I think these old foggies would have a heart attack!

Happy Friday everybody! :) Roll on 4:30!! 4 days of not-smoking! If you see me @ sytem 2nite make sure you pass me a pack of gum! I'll be the blond gal in withdrawl!

Linzee xxx

Adam Duke

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You need to start smoking again.

But not cigarettes...

....crack. Maybe that'll straighten you out! :D

This is going to become a public 'PM' thread i guess...

I've dyed my hair on many occasions...no pictures online to show however. I've done deep purple, blonde, electric smurf blue and more commonly, black. I haven't lost my hair, so i figure i've been doing it right.

And by the way, that pic wasn't me (in the other thread), it was the legendary Billy Idol!!!! :)