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DJs Wood 'n' Soo - The Vault Mixtape feat. MC Think Tank

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by dj_soo, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. dj_soo

    dj_soo TRIBE Member


    Here's our brand new 4-turntable mixtape for you! Consisting of almost all our own tracks, remixes, edits, and mashups, we basically broke down all the tracks into different elements so we could put it all back together on 4 turntables.

    Hosted by MC Think Tank (Homebreakin' Records), this is the culmination of years worth of straight fire that we've been dropping, producing, and enjoying.

    We've also included a Singles pack featuring 28 tracks, edits, and remixes to listen to unmixed or to drop at your sets. Included are some exclusive, never-before released tracks for your listening and DJing pleasure!

    Hope you enjoy it!

    Wood 'n' Soo - The Vault

    Hosted by MC Think Tank

    Soundcloud Link: dj soo - Wood 'n' Soo - The Vault Mixtape feat. MC Think Tank - SoundCloud

    Direct Link: Right-click to save

    Get the Vault Singles Pack here: http://woodnsoo.com/download/WoodnSoo_The Vault_SINGLESPACK.zip

    Track Listing:

    1. Wood 'n' Soo - The Vault Intro feat. MC Think Tank
    2. DJ Soo - Saturday Night @ Tom's Diner
    3. DJ Wood - Hand Clap Song
    4. DJ Soo - Jihad Ms. Jackson
    5. DJ Soo - Waitin' Close To Your Limbs
    6. DJ Soo - Tipsy Riddim
    7. DJ Wood - Wolves Dem Sugar
    8. DJ Wood - Strung Out / My Neck My Back
    9. DJ Wood - Commandante / Stormy Weathers
    10. DJ Soo - 1 Insane Thing & Pants
    11. DJ Soo - Brown Paper Dude
    12. DJ Wood - Getaway Dude
    13. Robbie Neville - C'est La Vie (DJ Soo remix)
    14. DJ Soo - Walk Like A Genius feat. MC Think Tank
    15. DJ Wood - Buffalo Orgasmo
    16. DJ Wood - Saturday Night (Edit)
    17. DJ Soo - I Want You Back (Red Alert remix) feat. MC Think Tank
    18. Stevie Wonder - We Can Work It Out (DJ Wood Remix)
    19. DJ Soo - Work It Out (Da Funky Smoke on the Water remix)
    20. DJ Wood - Shadow Dancing (Instrumental)
    21. Maestro Fresh Wes - Backbone Slide (acapella)
    22. DJ Wood - Ice Cream Stopper
    23. DJ Wood - Turn Me On feat. MC Think Tank
    24. Lady Precise - Weekend Warriors (acapella)
    25. Midifield General - Disco Sirens (acapella)
    26. Ruckus Roboticus - Chicks (DJ Wood remix)
    27. DJ Wood - Hustle Muscle
    28. DJ Wood - Midnight Hour (Instrumental)
    29. Ward 21 - This Is How We Roll (acapella)
    30. DJ Wood - Let The Venom Hit 'Em
    31. Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause (acapella)
    32. DJ Wood - Groove Me feat. Lady Precise
    33. DJ Wood - Gimmie Some
    34. DJ Wood - Eye No feat. MC Think Tank
    35. Jimmy Cliff - I Can See Clearly (DJ Soo bmore edit)
    36. DJ Wood - Suppadupe/Backyard Betty
    37. DJ Soo - No Diggity (DJ Soo's Intro Edit v.2)
    38. DJ Wood - Hold The Double Barrel feat. MC Think Tank
    39. Wood 'n' Soo - Paper Losers

  2. DeepSix

    DeepSix TRIBE Promoter

    Nice! I love that you included your pack of edits/etc. That's an awesome little treat for people looking for something a little different from the usual.

    Thanks for giving back to the community - I don't DJ much anymore, but I appreciate talent and the willingness to share as much as the next DJ :D
  3. the_fornicator

    the_fornicator TRIBE Member

    Fucking awesome. I get a little excited every time you guys put a set up :)
  4. el Guapo

    el Guapo TRIBE Member

    thank you for sharing but the singles pack link doesn't work.

    I've tried twice both came up corrupt
  5. dj_soo

    dj_soo TRIBE Member

    hum - what is the problem? Is it just not downloading for you or is the zip file actually corrupt after you download it and try to uncompress it?
  6. dj_soo

    dj_soo TRIBE Member

    just downloaded the pack and unzipped it with no problem - not sure that's going on? maybe the server went down for a bit when you tried it?
  7. ScottBentley

    ScottBentley TRIBE Member


    this set is ScotBentley approved!

    hip-hop and dancehall is actually enjoyable when when played over top of real music

  8. el Guapo

    el Guapo TRIBE Member

    all sorted. thx
  9. dabeats

    dabeats TRIBE Member


    Good job guys.
  10. Karl with a "K"

    Karl with a "K" TRIBE Member

    You guys, no word of a lie, I have all of your sets that are find-able.....props...mega props. From Calgary here and I jam to your sets whenever I am doing anything. My boss at the paint store also lets me play all of em...customers love it too...wicked...keep up the amazing shiz-nit!!!!!!!!!!

    Karl with a "K"
  11. IgStar

    IgStar TRIBE Member

    I log on here now basically to check out if there's a new set...

  12. dj_soo

    dj_soo TRIBE Member

  13. nelos

    nelos New Member

    Always look forward to your mixes. Great job on the edits!

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