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DJs Wood 'n' Soo - CD Release party @ Lotus Long Weekend


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So Intimate has graciously allowed us to have our CD release party at this upcoming event :)

DJ Wood & DJ Soo proudly present:

4 Wheel Drive

The Mixtape

Please join us and Kia Kadiri at the Lotus Long Weekend party this Canada Day where copies of our latest 4 turntable mix will be available!

After many delays, false starts, and near cancellations, we finally bring you our next 4-turntable offering - a follow-up, of sorts, to the 2005 cult classic Mangladeshin'

73 tunes surgically grafted together on 4 turntables and 2 mixers spanning countless genres. Replete with exclusive tracks, on-the-fly remixes, and countless surprises, we hope that this CD was worth the wait.

For those uninitiated wondering what to expect, please feel free to download a 10-minute preview: Wood n Soo - 4 Wheel Drive Preview