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DJ's this summer


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Originally posted by ethnik


fred everything

mike <---- fred is #1 on my all time house set list. #2 to Farina, #3 to Frankie Knuckles

Never heard Fred Everything spin....will check him out. Thanks for the lead.


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Originally posted by Libradragon
Fred Everything's definitely up there talent wise - but no way does he surpass Farina! well, not for me anyway.

Hey Libra....do you have any Mark Farina MP3 on Kaza.. I am trying to build my Mark Farina collection of MP3 albums. I have a huge library of Mark Farina albums but want to grow it.

Also....if anyone else is on Kaza with a nice collection of house MP3s I would like to share....I have over 1 GIG of house MP3 that i have collected.

I am looking for DJ Heather, Mark Farina, Bob Sinclar mp3s.
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