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djs on tour


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so, i find myself here in sydney, and to put it mildly, there's a shitload of stuff going on every weekend. 'cause there really are far too many jams to hit in the upcoming weeks, i was wondering if i could throw some names at y'all and get some feedback on what these cats are like on the 1's & 2's. everything below is a different event, so any info you can provide would be sincerely appreciated.

here we go....

february 7th - bugz in the attic
february 7th - justin harris
february 7th - roger sanchez
february 13th - undercover agency (jt donaldson & lance desardi) (!)
february 14th - norman jay (!)
february 14th - dj falcon
february 14th - alexkid & hipp-e
february 20th - martin solveig
february 20th - cass

and in the wrong room...

february 21st - dj rhettmatic [beat junkies]
february 26th - dillinja & lemon d
february 26th - london elektricity (tony colman dj set)
february 26th - madlib, peanut butter wolf & diverse (!)

and back again...

february 28th - theo parrish
march 5th - inland knights

to be fair, i've seen several of these peeps before, but still would like to hear what eveyone has to say. so please let me know.

keep on keepin' on,
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you best get your ass out for undervocer agency and the inland knights!

3 words - deep, funky goodness!

el Guapo

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I second Inland Knights...for the funky stuff...but if it's pure DEEP goodness then it's got to be
Theo Parrish no doubt. Detroit style!! ;)


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Theo Parrish would be a must see if you've never caught him. He will take you on a journey filled with funk, soul, disco, house, deep techno, and garage...

One of my favourite dj's hands down....



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I don't think you can go wrong with Roger Sanchez... the s-MAN

he hits you with a good dose of sexy vocals and tribal goodness!!
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Aussie Paul

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Originally posted by Moe
I don't think you can go wrong with Roger Sanchez... the s-MAN

he hits you with a good dose of sexy vocals and tribal goodness!!

Word !!!

I saw Roger play at Home (same club as he is playing this week) in Sydney back in Dec 2001 and his set that night changed my life!

Jan & Feb are the best clubbing months in Australia by far. Do not expect too many International DJ’s around any other time of the year.



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so you seem have plenty of time to post threads about house music, but none to email your friends. I see your priorities are going in the wrong direction, much like the toilet water down there. email me asshole!!

oh, and go see Justin Harris, Undercover Agency (desardi plays here tomorrow), and Falcon for the mental French discotech

peace dude, hope you're doin well