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DJ's, need a tune i.d...


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I got this white label promo via mailorder....in a very child-like scrawl someone has written the word Krafty Kuts.....someone told me the tune was called Dangerous...anyways one of the samples is...

"Drop an old-skool beat on em"
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It's been around since the Summer. (I remember playing it at iDance).

Finger Lickin was supposed to put it out. If you look at the etchings on the record, it has a FLR cat. #. However, at the time, Finger Lickin's release schedule was really backed up (still is). So, they put it out on white.

Rumor has it that when they do get around to releaseing it, there will be a vocal mix of Dangerous with lyrics from the one like General Levy.


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Did you have that in E-Bloc?
Cause I remember I bought Dangerous and it's a white label and just has a sticker that says Krafty Kuts Dangerous on it ... and I've been wondering what the track on the other side was called

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