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DjJazz - Open call for submissions for a new Downtown Jazz festival 2002 DJ series


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DjJazz >> An open call for submissions for a new DJ series

Presented by the Downtown Jazz festival & Rhythmethod Productions

The Downtown Jazz festival and Rhythmethod Productions are pleased to launch a new series for the 2002 Downtown Jazz festival called DjJazz. DjJazz mixes YOUR DJ talents with a desire to dig deep in the crates to create a dynamic new blend of Jazz and Dance/Electronic music. Any DJ in the greater Toronto area is eligible to be selected and we will require at least 15 DJs. You must be 19 years of age or older to participate. The series will be held in a downtown Toronto music venue/lounge tba over 10 days at the end of June 2002. Read the submission/selection guidelines below and decide if you want to participate. Feel free to forward this e-mail to any other DJs that you think might be interested and don't hesitate to contact me via phone or e-mail if you have any questions.

Shane Gerard
Rhythmethod Productions
Ph: 416.532.7224
E-mail: djjazz2002@hotmail.com

DjJazz Series - Submission Guidelines:

Participating DJs are asked to perform a minimum two hour set based on the DjJazz themes below. To enter your submission we require a sample 10 song vinyl/cd written set list (with song titles, Artist/Producer names) plus a brief description of how your set fits into one of the themes. It would also be helpful to submit a short DJ biography. You may submit a maximum of two set lists/descriptions. All submissions are to be sent to Shane Gerard by March 1, 2002. All performing DJs will be paid $200. Please include your full name/ phone #/ e-mail and mailing address.

DjJazz Themes:
- DJ set influenced by/including the music of one famous Jazz musician (Ex. John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock)
- DJ set based on a Jazz music genre or subgenre (Ex. Latin Jazz, Bebop, Jazz Fusion)
- Cinematic Jazz > DJ set based on Jazz inspired music taken from Film/TV soundtracks
- DJ set based on the improvisations of one or a group of musical instruments (Ex. Trumpet/Horns, Piano/Electric Pianos, Guitar/Strings)

DjJazz Series - Selection Criteria:

This series is NOT a competition among DJs but an effort to bring together like-minded people who have a passion for Jazz influenced Electronic/Dance music. The strength of your idea and song selections are the most important factors for whom I will select to participate. I am looking for a mix of Downtempo and Upbeat sets in a number of Electronic music styles (including Hip-Hop) so don't anticipate what I might want. How Jazz music works into your preferred Electronic music style(s) is up to you and will define what the DjJazz series will eventually become. Selected DJs will be contacted throughout March 2002 and every effort will be made not to conflict with existing DJ commitments.

Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon.

Shane Gerard


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They should bring in DJ Jazzy Jeff. He'd be perfect for such an event.

Cheers ... Ian
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feisty boy

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a very cool idea, but wouldn't a demo tape/cd be a little better than simply a list of songs??

still, a great concept


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Thanks for the input, people can send a demo if they care to but I'll be able to figure out where they're going with the set when they send me the song titles and artists.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by feisty boy:
a very cool idea, but wouldn't a demo tape/cd be a little better than simply a list of songs??

still, a great concept