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DJ XTC's - Global Trance Sessions Ep. 62

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by xroreleases, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. xroreleases

    xroreleases TRIBE Member


    Cover designed by Omanashi Designs: ravkamon@hotmail.com

    Track List:

    DJ Asian Spice: http://www.djasianspice.com

    01. Julian Vincent feat Cathy Burton - No End (Relocate Main Vocal) [Soundpiercing]
    02. Cosmic Gate Feat. Kyler England - Flatline (Kyau & Albert Remix) [Maelstrom]
    03. George Acosta Feat. Tiff Lacey - I Know (Beat Service Proglifting Remix) [Beat Service]
    04. Marcus Schossow & Andy Duguid Feat. Emma Hewitt - Light (Andy Duguid Remix) [Tone Diary]
    05. Beat Service Feat. Emma Lock - Hiding To Nothing [Magik Muzik]
    06. Dash Berlin - Never Cry Again [Aropa Records]
    07. Mark Pledger Feat. Melinda Gareh - Time Stands Still (Original Mix) [Solaris]
    08. DNS Project Feat. Johanna - Mindful (DNS Project Whiteglow Vocal Mix) [S107 Records]
    09. Giuseppe Ottaviani Feat. Faith - Fallen (Original Mix) [Vandit]

    DJ XTC: MySpace - DJ XTC - 33 - Male - Toronto, CA - myspace.com/globaltrancesessions

    10. ID - ID [Promo CDR]
    11. Steve Allen and Paul Maffia - Stolen Beauty (Mix B) [Excessive Pressure]
    12. Rachel Loy - I Can Feel It Lovin Me (Audioscape Mix) [Nukleuz UK]
    13. Fergie and Sadrian - Voyage (Diego Brahim Remix) [Soviet Recordings]
    14. Goldenscan - Halcyon (B1) [ASOT Holland]
    15. George Acosta Feat. Fisher - Tearing Me Apart (DNS Project Remix) [Songbird]
    16. Perpetual - Blue Intention (Terra Cotta Remix) [Perpetual]
    17. Steve Allen - Second Rule (Taylor Close Remix) [AWsum White]
    18. Sound Apparel - Infinite Expectation [Elliptic]

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    Twitter Tag #GlobalTranceSessions

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