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DJ XTC's Global Trance Sessions Ep. 005 @ afterhours.fm


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Hey All,

Here is the podcast for Global Trance Session EP 005 @ www.afterhours.fm (June 11th, 2006)
complete with .nfo and cue!

01. Bryan Kearney - Deadlock (Original Mix)
02. Smith and Pledge - White
03. Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight(Ronski Speed Vocal)
04. Static Blue - Under The Sea (Original Mix)
05. Fire And Ice - Lost Emotions (Bryan Kearney Remix)
06. Markus Schulz feat Alexandra - Sorrow Has No Home
07. Coldplay - Swallowed In the Sea (Freek Geuze Gues Blue Wave Remix)
08. Unknown - Everything But The Rush (Whitelabel)
09. Nomen Nescio - Elevate 2006 (Original Mix)
10. Tiesto - Forever Today (Jimenez aka Deserves an Effort Remix)
11. Emphased Reality - Deviation (Original Mix)
12. Gabriel And Dresden - Tracking Treasure Down (Kyau vs Albert Mix)
13. Robert Nickson feat Elsa Hill - Close Your Eyes (Vocal Mix)
14. Tune of the Month: Jobabe - Follow Me Away (Pierre Pienaar Remix)
15. Passenger 75 - Beauty of Sound (Original Mix)
16. Tiddey - Get Away (Peran Remix)

Download Link: http://www.uploadyourfiles.de/kxw6y71y5604vi86kf10avd2os04dp26/7bd06/Download.html

Next Show: June 25th 2006 @ 8:00pm EST (-5 GMT) *2 hour special celebrating new and classic vocal trance catch it Live on www.afterhours.fm

Enjoy ;)