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DJ Vortex (Format Rec.) on Equinox tonite...


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Mr. Jeff Cochran aka DJ Vortex will be playing on 3 decks (as usual).

We'll also be previewing the latest release (Format #7) on the show tonite.

Tune into Equinox live from 9pm-12am on http://www.1Groove.com
check out the archived show on the Equinox page!




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Wicked tribal techno stompin' set! I'm really liking Format007. Keep up the good work boys!
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I used to have an old Vortex tape. It was the shit. It was destroyed by my tapedeck. Now I am listening to this latest mix. Vortex is still the shit. I wish I heard more from him.




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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ViShiS*:
I used to have an old Vortex tape. Vortex is still the shit. I wish I heard more from him.


still and always has been the shit.... most underated Toronto techno fuck dj for that matter...mass props to Jeff !! wicked producer aswell....sorry i didn't really feel the new format (thought it was a tad over tribally for me...) but to this day still own all format cept for the latest!

(hope Mr.Cooper does you guys and other RoundTable stuff in France good measures!)

if anyone is interested i have an old Vortex tape willing to convert to cd "converging rhythms"

email me..



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Converging Rhythms is a great tape. Lots of funky tricks that don't take away from the flow.