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DJ UVB - Cylon Sex Mix [breaks/electroish]


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The following is from DJ UVB - not a triber, but a good friend of mine. I'm posting it for him because he's shy and I know all his ftp passwords!

DJ UVB - Cylon Sex Mix
created: April 2006
duration:76:06 min
bitrate: 192 kbps
file size: 104.6 MB

take the red pill

1. Hi Tack - Say Say Say
2. Rivaz & Stevie Rayno - Run To You (Harlem Hustlers Remix)
3. Linus Loves - First Base
4. Airport - Fly Around The World
5. Soul Of Man - Mylowdowndirty
6. Freeform Five - No More Conversations (Mylo Remix)
7. Interstate - Remember Me (Terry Bones Remix)
8. Gabriel & Dresden & Molly Bancroft - Tracking Treasure Down (Club Mix)
9. Ian Van Dahl - Movin On (Basto Club Remix)
10. Stylophonic - Baby Beat Box
11. Dreadzone - King Dub Rock
12. Pointguards - Mary's Prayer
13. Benny Benassi - Who's Your Daddy (David Guetta & Joachim Garraud Remix)
14. Stanton Warriors - Hope Time (Rogue Element Remix)

gratifying? Any feedback is appreciated. Late.
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