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DJ Swamp @ System Wednesday March 17th


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word the fuck up.. swamp was badass the last time i saw him.. breathing fire, breaking records, scratching with half a record!

i heard it's only 8 bucks too!

gonna be a sick night, who's in?


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Originally posted by tablist
Word the fuck up! Swamp is the MAN! Stirry, session and then Sawmp or what? I'm all over this show!

I'm there like bush on a 70's porn star, buddy!
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It's Rawknee

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So little responses....weird:confused:

I don't think I've ever missed swamp, this guy is pure awsome!

I remember a KICKIT party a while back where he was a last minute add on. The girl at the door was naming all the djs who were spinning....and then she said "Swamp"....I was like "excuse me, did you say Swamp?":p

I don't get paid 'till friday, so I guess I'll be begging for money today!

People you must see Swamp!

Be safe, rawknee


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unfortunately i probaly won't make it, however anyone who does get the chance, go and see swamp, he is amazing, a definite master of his craft.

the best thing ever.....smoke on the water being scratched sideways along the needle.....with a broken record, now who the fuck can do that. sick!!

sorry i will be missing it :(
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