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DJ SPINZ - Frozen City (Classic Heavy DnB) - SpinzCycle 007


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Recorded in the middle of the coldest month of the year. This one brings it back to classic heavy beats featuring some of the absolute best DnB tracks ever made. Play this one when you need a fix of the classics dark smashers like Bad Company, C4C, Tech Itch and Ryme Tyme … Giddeeeeup!

01: We Enter Remix - Ryme Tyme
02: Spinal Chord - Kraken
03: Strangled Duck - Red One
04: Infinity - Bad Company
05: Stash Remix - Decoder
06: Move VIP - Ryme Tyme & Trace
07: Be With You - Codename John
08: Decontrol - Tech Itch
09: Anger - DJ Reality
10: Roswell - Tech Itch
11: Phat Cap - C4C
12: Terradaktil - Pascal & Phantasy
13: Incoming - Ram Trilogy
14: Hunted - Bad Company
15: Oblivious - K
16: Let It Go - Concord Dawn
17: Slimeball - C4C
18: Nitrous - Bad Company & Trace
19: Mutationz - Kemal
20: Biosphere - Stakka & Skynet vs Kemal & Rob Data


DJ Spinz - Frozen City - SpinzCycle ep007 presented by DJ Spinz | Mixcloud

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The SpinzCycle | The SpinzCycle

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WOW. just what i needed today. starting the 2nd listen right now. i'm far from any kind of d'n'b head so i didn't really recognize more than a couple names in the tracklisting and not really any of the actual tracks. having said that... this blew me away. the tracks play together very nicely in this one. nice job. thanks for sharing.


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Thanks! If you're subscribed on itunes you can grab all of the other six episodes which all follow a different theme. That's about 6 hours of listening!

I'll be putting the mp3 versions for the older ones back up soon for those that done use podcasts.