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Dj Spinna @ Sunnyside Pavilion


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Holy F*&K... what an awesome party. I'd never been to sunnyside, and I was totally impressed. The sound was excellent, the dj kicked ass. I was completely shocked that he played a majority of classic house. But that was so great. The crowd was nice and friendly... the weather turned out perfectly for this. It was just a combination of so many good things happening! What a beatiful place it was, and it was really open, lots of space... I had the most amazing time. Definitely going back there to see Joe Clausell!!
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Joe Seven

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Almost went to this, but decided it was gonna be a chill night last minute. The $30 cover kinda turned me off too. I think I'll check out Clausell though... outdoor parties are the way to go during the summer!


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Was sick as a dawg last night, but dragged my ass out of bed and went, and i was glad i did :) i did not stay to long, as i was danicing i was remninded of how sick i was every 10 mins when i would have to catch my breath have a dizzy spell :S

If iwas not so ill i would have spent the whole night there dancing under the stars.

I rolled in around 11pm or so not to sure who was playing but the tracks were really nice, but whoever was playing up until Spinna came on was pretty weak technically. Just put one record on let it play out then attempt to mix the next one in. I really like the music i hear at Milk but i want to hear house chopped up and thrown down proper

Enter Spinna and we hear how house music is suppose to be played !!
The energy level rised and everyone was going off !!

I left at 2am :( OVerall i was very happy, It was a classy night, Sick sick venue, amazing music and good people !
I cannot wait til the next party there !


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That was super!
God bless Spinna, such good music! Just kept teasing and teasing, the donna summer, the marshall jefferson...so good. the opening DJ/music wasn't really fort me, but it wasn't bad. It was just nice to be outside on a nice night like that with a good (and I mean really good) looking crowd..wow.

Pleasure to rock it with the Cheese, Sizzle and missus, deeeeeeevah and anna. Lookin forward to the next jam


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what was that bleepy minimal tune (its a big tune right now) he played before Donna Summer - I feel love ?

great times.. was lovin the classic house ala french kiss, plastic dreams etc..
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That was a wikkid party last night. I allways gotta support the Milk guys for throwing these parties that stand out musically and venue-wise.

When i got in arounf 11:00 it was slow, but soon after 12:00 Spinna came on to the decks and the party pretty much jump started. great crowd, great music played by Spinna, i must say tho his mixing was a little choppy, but great tracks, except for the Donna Summer, i think he fucked that mix up hard, the minimal track he played was in a totally different vibe i don't know why he mixed in "I feel love" in my opinion...funny that i wasn't the only one who noticed that track before it too. (ID pleaze! ;) ) anyways had a great time under the stars. biggup the crew who made it out!
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So I biked all the way down from my place in Leslieville and when I got there discovered I had left my flash at home. Damn! No pictures. Never the less it forced me to be more of a participant and less of an obseverver.

This party rocked! The little lights in the trees, the fountains, the girls in their summer hawt pants and sun dresses, the little conversation groups toward the back and the packed dance area up front. A pleasant mix of vintage people I remember seeing back in the warehouse party days, and newer folk too, all singing along with bomb after bomb dropped by Spinna. House classics that I haven't heard since 23 hop. Sure his mixing was not ideal at times but WTF, his heart was in it and the crowd was eatring it up with the spoon. With sprinkles on top!

The vibe was classic milk: eclectic crowd mix, sophisticated, yet understated and casual but still true to the foundations of our scene.

Biking the 10 or so kms back home along the quiet of the lakeshore at 4am listening to Kate Bush's Aerial to decompress was the perfect ending to a perfect evening.

Memorable. Next time though I will tape my flash to my forehead before i set off along the bike trail for sunnyside.


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i had a GREAT time, but was I the only was wishing that spinna was a bit less obvious with his choice of records? hit upon hit left me craving songs that I had never heard before.

Klubmasta Will

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alexd said:
So I biked all the way down from my place in Leslieville and when I got there discovered I had left my flash at home. Damn! No pictures.

hah, i was wondering why you were just carrying your camera and not snapping pics. nice to see you last night. let's talk soon about that thing we talked about. :p

that was my first sunnyside pavilion party and i will definitely be at the next one. awesome vibe, awesome tunes and awesome crowd. kudos to everyone involved, especially those tearing up the dance floor. :)
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i sent happy dancing faeries from my bed in North Bay. while y'all danced like crazy kids, i slept like a baby... :)

Claussell will be wicked - can't wait.


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Another one for the books!!!!!!!!! Great to hear some classic house, beatifull crowd. Everyone was up for a little dancing that nite, dat;s fo'sure!!

Kudos Milk!!


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wicked wicked jam. started off with nothing but classics...but after 2am the funk came out. i luv how they put the dj booth back in the corner and it was loud enough...(unlike a few other parties there)...seems like all the glitches have been worked out. JOE C NEXT.
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:) fantastic venue, terrific music, wonderful friends, beautiful night and great pre-birthday celebration. :D

only disappointment was there was no-one dancing in the fountain this time! LOL !


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the place screams lisa shaw and migs. something about the water and the fountain and the stars...has naked all over it.


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Such a great party...awesome venue, i as well had never been before but now am sure to go back...especially cool to see friends and meet new ppl...needless to say it twas a late, late, laaaate night:O
thanks to all the party ppl:)
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