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DJ Soo - Earplugmedia radio mix


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Heya all,

Here's a little mini-mix I made for a local radio collective called Earplug Media.

I originally wanted to take the skeleton of this mix and expand it to a full 70-minute mix but most of my time has been focused on working on me and Wood's follow-up, 4-turntable set.

I'm pretty happy how it turned out though so I figured I'd share:

right-click to save

Running time: 35 mins


01. Intro
02. Colossus - The Tribute - [Om Records]
03. Jugoe - CollieNation (Apeanaut Remix) - [Bastard Jazz]
04. Wagon Christ - Bend Over - [Ninja Tune]
-> Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five - The Message (a capella) - [Antidote]
05. Blendcrafters - Melody (Remix) - [Up Above]
06. Mix Master Mike - Surpize Packidge (The Automator Remix) - [Asphodel]
07. The Nextmen feat. Demolition Man - Piece of the Pie - [Andidote]
08. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Brand New Funk - [Jive]
09. The Isley Brothers - It's Your Thing - [Sony]
10. Ali B vs The Jungle Brothers - Beats on a String - [Air]
11. Talking Heads - Burning Down the House - [Sire]
12. Black Sheep - Have U.N.E. Pull - [Mercury]
13. Torpedo Boyz - Start Being Nicer - [Lounge]
14. Mo'horizons - Drums 'n' Boogaloo (Fort Knox Five Latin Funk Bomb) - [Stereo Deluxe]
15. Raw Fusion - Throw Your Hands in the Air - [Hollywood BASIC]
16. Z-Trip - Furious - [Hollywood]
17. David Bowie - Let's Dance - [EMI]
18. DJ Day - Gone Bad - [MPM]
19. James Brown - Coldcut Meets the Godfather - [Urban]
20. Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue - [Ice]
21. DJ Day - Gone Beats - [MPM]
22. Mo'horizons - Gonna Be [Ben Human remix] - [Stereo Deluxe]
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DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Brand New Funk
I totally forgot about this tune. Last Time I heard it was grade 6.technics1200 :D technics1200


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dj_soo said:
oh man, i forgot my shameless plug:

more mixes from myself and wood available here: woodnsoo.com

Thanks guys! glad some of you are feeling it...

i love you guys. your mixes are so entertaining, i've been rocking them tons lately. thanx for sharing!

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thanks guys :).

*shameless plug*

our new website is *this* close to launching - look for a special set from Wood and another forthcoming set from myself to kick off the new website.

Oh and our next 4 turntable mix is actually coming soon - really. Like before 2008 i swear.
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sup soo...

03. Jugoe - CollieNation (Apeanaut Remix) - [Bastard Jazz]

this tune is pretty sweet. i keep starting the mix over just to listen to this track. have you ever seen this guy live before?


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I brought Jugoe and DRM (Bastard Jazz label founder) to vancouver early this year. They were both very good. Actually, most of the guys on that label are pretty good producers and DJs.

Someone should get them over in t.dot - most of them are located in NYC so it's super close :).

check his site here http://www.jugoe.com/gossip.htm - he's got some mixes up as well as this wonderful album called "Days in Dub" where he basically made a full-legnth album of dub tunes where the main samples were all from Days of our Lives.


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thanks bra.


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^ haha - i was just in town in June :p

honestly tho - I'd love to go back and play (as would wood i'm sure) - especailly together. No idea when that's going to happen tho...

Best bet is to start a campaign and write your local MLA... er... funk/hiphop/breaks promoter, give him a CD and demand that they bring us out :D
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