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DJ Soda - Selection 2005


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My new mix is done. This mix displays the tunes i've been rinsing in the '05. More of a straight ahead club mix. DL and enjoy!

DJ Soda (twentyHz, C1rca/ Vancouver)


Drifter - She Gives Me Forever [Timewave Audio]
Shy FX - Plastic Soul [Bingo]
Craggz & Parallel Forces - Bride Of Frankenstein [Product]
Splittin Atoms - Dope Man [Fix]
DJ Zinc - Fairfight (DJ Friction rmx) [Bingo]
Shy FX & T Power - On The Run [Digital Soundboy]
Potential Badboy feat MC Fats - Girlz [Ganja]
Clipz - Vertigo [Full Cycle]
Q Project - Ask Not VIP [Advanced]
** Shy FX & Tower - Feelings [Digital Soundboy] ** TEASE
State Of Mind - Sun King [CIA]
Total Science - Going In Circles (AI rmx) [CIA LTD]
Shimon feat Kimani - Jazz Freak [Ram]
Subfocus - X Ray [Ram]
Mr L - Back To Your Roots [Mr L]
Jenna G - Rising [Bingo]
Q Project - Slowely But Surely [Hospital]
DJ Zinc - Moonwalking [Bingo]
** Bad Company - The Nine [BC] ** TEASE
D Kay - Move Y'all [Bingo]
Q Project - Mr Bling [CIA]
Crystal Clear & Code Breaker - 2 Tone Sound [Ganja]
Craggz & Parallel Forces feat DJ Flight - Call It A Day [Product]
D Kay - Serenade [Brigade]

www.twentyHz.com (new site coming real soon)



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dood.... I met you in the record store last week.... the day that Marcus played 'the met'. I was in the shop with my girl and you recommended 'Mat the Alien'... and we grabbed the last copy.

Gonna check this mix out when I get home! :)

thanks again for the recommendation.... her brother LOVES the CD.


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^ Word bro. Stoked that your bro is excited about Mat's CD, he's one of my favs. Peep the mix and let me know what you think.

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Re: Re: DJ Soda - Selection 2005

Originally posted by --[Zirca]--
So pissed that I missed this tune...can't find it anywhere. so good.
Yeah word... wicked tune. I work at Boomtown Records in Vancouver and we got it as a free promo from one of our distributors.... so glad I grabbed it... TUNE!

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