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DJ Sneak's B-Day - feed me!


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Let me live vicariously through someone else...I didn't end up making it so please, Please, PUHLEEZE tell me how it was. Please lie and tell me it was bad, so I'll feel like I didn't miss anything...
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Sorry to burst your bubble but this party was the bomb! The SteamWhistle Brewery is an awesome space and this party went off without a hitch. I thought the party would be rammed to the nines but it ended up being exactly what I wanted. It was full but not packed so you had room to dance and move around reasonably well.

Sneak played well, but I thought Derrick was alittle boring so I went and checked out LaFleche in the other room where he was goin off! Came back in time to see Mark Farina, damn I love this man. He's the smoothest mixer and his beats are so organic, truly amazing.

Good vibe too, everyone was super friendly and in a party groove. Definitely a great time.



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why oh why did i not get myself a ticket early??
anyways, sounds like it was awesome! glad you fun chuckie!! (did ya puke on anyones leg this time??!!



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it's OK, I saw Sneak and Farina last month, but it's been ages for Carter, so if you say it was a bad set, I'm gonna go with that to feel better. but LaFleche...damn it...grr...no more procrastinating - right mcbee? me and you, we're gonna get tix next time right? early birds even, right?

d. - needs motivation...


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Sneak's bday party is by far one of the best parties I've ever experienced all year.

The venue was amazing, decorations appropriate, crowd was splendid! I didn't feel overcrowded at all.

Sneak's set was better than usual, his smile was ear to ear, his mixes flawless and his track selection a healthy combination of the latest *all-time fave* tracks like Lady and the deep pumping basslines I know him to drop.

Derrick Carter's set was very jazzy, groovy, and although the crowd was loving and appreciating every bit of him, I wandered over to the other room to hear Lafleche. Maybe I'm just a spoiled torontonian able to hear Derrick Carter spin in Toronto on a regular basis, but his set didn't grab me.

Lafleche, in my opinion, spun the set of the night. His *Live in Morocco* tape was my first real taste of LaFleche, and saturday night was the clincher. His mixes sounded smooth, and natural. He really knows how to hype the crowd and when to do it. He never seems to miss a beat. My favorite moment was when he dropped It's All About the House Music (track listing, please? anyone?) with an evil chugging bassline pushing through. LaFleche could do no wrong that night.

Mark Farina delivered his san francisco chill beats to end the other room - groovy, happy, and chillaxing. Overall a great night.

It's nice to see promoters giving a damn for the patrons and the vibe by not packing places to the point of suffocation. In the end the vibe is what makes or breaks a party.

Now this guy w
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Originally posted by Libradragon:
Sneak's bday party is by far one of the best parties I've ever experienced all year.

To hear THAT statement from YOU!


I am now beyond pissed I didnt go!




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Best party I've been to all year. I got there just in time to hear my fav.dj Myka (who played a crazy set as usual) Unfortunately I didn't hear Sneak or Derrick Carter , Mark Ferrina and Lafleche both played wickid sets too. Definately the best party all year.


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Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet party!

Loved Derrick Carters set once he got chunky and funky.

Sneak was having a wikked time up there and it was great to hear him throwin it down.

Lafleche stole the show tho. "It's all about the house music", eek, that was one bad ass track. Probably because it's so true!

Venue was beautiful, it was never over-packed and the vibe was tight!

Party days are here again.



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after a month of abstinence, i had too much fun at this party. everyone played beautifully. despite a massive line ticketholders got in no problemo. everyone was in the mood to party and dance. smiles all around and there seemed to be an abundance of interesting people that were chil and easy to talk to

i thought carter's mixing was some of the best i've heard him do this year and farina has once again proved he has skills for days.

libradragon was the track its all about house music playing when a girl jumped on a table beside the turntables and started to get down cuz if it was it's songs like that that make me think i'm going to be partying for the next ten years at least. promoters please bring lafleche in once more before the year is over.

i thought this party was too good to be true but it was all that i thought it would be and more. just too sweet for words.


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You're all probably sick of the wicked reviews so here's one more. This is definately the first time I got the groove on...since Industry...

I don't know where the hell they found the space, but let me tell you, they scored huge! The venue was perfect. I remember walking past the Skydome and CN Tower trying to find the Steamwhistle brewery with Libradragon and Fleaflo....the beats sounding closer and closer....

They didn't do too much to decorate the place, but just enough to make it intimate. The floor reminded me of Stereo in Montreal.

We walked in partway through Sneak's set...nice funky hard basslines, with his usual "cut fade" (don't know how you call it, so I made up my own term) mixes that only Sneak can pull off.

Derrick Carter came on shortly after and it was by far the best I've heard him play. Flea and Libra knows how I was at this point...always funky, but also got hard and tribally.

Heard a bit of Farina, and layed down the nice deep jazzy grooves. Decided to check out LaFleche for a bit, and he had the room bumpin'.

Overall, the party was great, and it was soooooo nice to have room to dance again. By far the nicest treat. Other promoters - take notice. Everyone is saying the same thing.


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