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DJ Sneak - For the Ladies mix (Feb 2009)


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can't get this download to finsh?
i've tried a bunch of times now and it seems to error out liek 75% way through.

i did however cop the border patrol from nye.

that shit is hella funked out!


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:) I love that show!
There is a mix there by Hector Morales, all kinds of awesome!

So excited to listen to this, thank you for posting it.


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oh really? that sucks - it didn't time out for me last night, i grabbed the jason hodges live from denver 1.14.09 set too. hmm.
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Dirty Girl

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worked fine for me and I took like 4 of em.
one stopped near the beginning,but i clicked pause and then unpaused, and it went soaring along again just fine. :D


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Ive been looking for a dj sneak set for a while. Was woundering If any one could PLEASE... PLEASE... PLEASE.....re-post their download of this set and possibly any other sneak sets it would be greatly appreciated.

I've tried this download countless times and it keeps timeing out... :confused:


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dl'd this a couple weeks back. Wasn't overly impressed with it. Its beginning to end hip-hop and R&B boots.
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I finally got the whole thing to download. Said it was complete but its only six mins long... wtf... It says its a big mp3 format. Can any one explain ?