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DJ Shadow's Sample List (Endtroducing)

Discussion in 'Electronic Music Producers Forum' started by smack, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. smack

    smack TRIBE Member


    BASIC Megamix:

    various Holywood BASIC songs:
    Queen - "We Will Rock You (Ruined By Rick Rubin)"
    Organized Konfusion - "Audience Pleasers"
    Organized Konfusion - "The Rough Side Of Town (South Side)"
    Organized Konfusion - "Intro"
    Raw Fusion - "Throw Your Hands In The Air"
    Lifer's Group - "The Real Deal"
    Organized Konfusion - "Open Your Eyes"
    Organized Konfusion - "Prisoners Of War"
    Lifer's Group - "Belly Of The Beast"
    Organized Konfusion - "Walk Into The Sun"
    Organized Konfusion - "Releasing Hypnotic Gases"
    ESG - "UFO"
    "...hollywood", 7A3 - "Coolin' In Cali"
    "hit it" & "like this", Slick Rick - "La-Di-Da-Di"
    "...hollywood", Kool & The Gang - "Hollywood Swingin'"
    "here come the drums", Public Enemy - "Can't Truss It"

    Zimbabwe Legit (Shadow's Legitimate Mix):

    Ocean - "Put Your Hand In The Hand"
    Steely Dan - "The Royal Scam"
    Steely Dan - "Green Earrings"
    Gil Scott-Heron/Brian Jackson - "Rivers of My Fathers"
    Idris Muhammed - "Loran's Dance"
    The Counts - "Funk Bump"
    The Fatback Band - "Let The Drums Speak"
    "now I took me a trip to Africa", Doug E. Fresh - "Africa (Goin' Back Home)"
    "first-rap-group-to-rock-Afri-cans", Doug E. Fresh - "Africa (Goin' Back Home)"
    "glazing reflections of Africanism are coming back", Wanda Robinson - "Nobody In His
    Right Mind"
    "...coming back, through your sons and your daughters", Wanda Robinson - "Nobody In
    His Right Mind"
    "think about the brothers and sisters in Afrika", Eric B & Rakim - "In The Ghetto"
    "now I told you to keep watching..now d'ya understand", Richard Pryor - "?"
    "Africa", Jungle Brothers - "Acknowledge Your Own History"
    "do you know what it means", King Sun - "Be Black"
    "back, I don't wanna hear it...", Organized Konfusion - "The Rough Side Of Town"
    "peace, brother..", Pigmeat Markham - "Here Comes The Judge"

    Lesson 4:

    ESG - "UFO"
    Baby Huey - "Listen to Me"
    Fred Wesley and the JB's - "Blow Your Head"
    James Brown - "Funky President"
    James Brown - "Payback"
    Rufus Thomas - "Do The Funky Penguin Part 1"
    Rufus Thomas - "Do The Funky Penguin Part 2"
    Tom Jones - "Looking Out My Window"
    Dexter Wansel - "Theme From The Planets" (45)
    Incredible Bongo Band - "Apache"
    Herman Kelly & Life - "Dance to the Drummer's Beat"
    Johnny Pate - "Shaft in Africa (Addis)"
    Kool & The Gang - "Electric Frog Pt. 1"
    Dyke & The Blazers - "Let A Woman Be A Woman - Let A Man Be A Man"
    Junie - "Granny's Funky Rolls Royce"
    The Olympic Runners - "Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is"
    Jackie Robinson - "Pussyfooter"
    Lyn Collins - "Think (About It)"
    Mohawks - "The Champ"
    James Brown - "Cold Sweat"
    Led Zeppelin - "Hats Off To (Roy) Harper"
    James Brown - "Funky Drummer"
    James Brown - "Soul Pride"
    Magic Disco Machine - "Scratchin'"
    The Winstons - "Amen Brother"
    The Politicians - "Free Your Mind"
    Pleasure - "Let's Dance"
    Funkadelic - "You'll Like It Too"
    Boobie Knight - "The Lovermaniacs (Sex)"
    Babe Ruth - "Keep Your Distance"
    Fancy - "Feel Good" (45)
    The Brothers Johnson - "Ain't We Funkin' Now"
    Dynamic Corvettes - "Funky Music Is The Thing"
    Rufus Thomas - "The Breakdown (Part 2)"
    Pleasure - "Joyous"
    "way back", The Jimmy Castor Bunch - "Troglodyte (Cave Man)"
    "last", Grandmaster Flash - "Freelance"


    The Third Decade, Our Move:

    Jack McDuff - "?" (drums)
    "the moonlight shines on funky city..", Blowfly - "Zodiac Blowfly (Side B)"
    "tell 'em who the fuck I am", Style - "The Assasinator"
    "we sample beats you sue and try to fight us", Big Daddy Kane - "Young, Gifted and
    "in the middle of a stable with a turntable", The 45 King - "The 900 Number (YZ
    Acappella Vocal)"
    "new", Steinski & Mass Media - "We'll Be Right Back"
    "spinning on the turntables back to back", Whodini - "The Haunted House of Rock"

    Count & Estimate:

    Don Thompson - "Just Plain Funk"
    The Meters - "Look-Ka Py Py"
    Eric B & Rakim - "Eric B Is President" ** NOTE**
    Biz Markie - "Nobody Beats The Biz"
    "last", Grandmaster Flash - "Freelance"
    "count and estimate about a thousand dead", Uptown - "Dope On Plastic"
    "about 100 or more..", GangStarr - "2 Deep"
    "this was a goddamn slaughter", The Genius - "Phony As Ya Wanna Be"
    "next thing you know you're being buried and planted", MC Shan - "Go For Yours
    ('Cause I'm Gonna Get Mine)"
    Skull Snaps - "I Turn My Back On Love"
    BarKays - "Street Walker"

    B-Boy's Revenge:

    "do you have a motor? show it to me..", Bright Lights - "Motor City Funk"
    "We're comin' out on the Italian tip..", from an interview with The Lordz Of Brooklyn
    "rappin for the white man", Pharcyde - "It's Jiggaboo Time"
    "listen up psycopath..", Master Ace - "Brooklyn Battles"
    "please man, don't get with that bullshit", LL Cool J - "El Shabazz"
    "that ain't shit y'all", MC Shan - "I Pioneered This"
    "fuck off", De La Soul - "Afro Connection At The Hi-Five (In The Eyes Of A
    "new jacks trying to monopolize..", Grandmixer DST - "The Home Of Hip-Hop"

    Back To Back Breaks:

    "if a beat is not for sale then...yup we gotta have it", MC Lyte - "10% Dis"
    Les Demerle - "Moondial"
    Baby Huey - "Hard Times"
    Simtec & Willie - "Bootleggin'"
    Wilbur Bascomb And The Zodiact - "Just Groove in 'G'"
    Bernard Purdie - "Soul Drums"

    DJ Shadow's Theme:

    "the stage is set..", the voice of Stan Lee
    Bob James - "Valley Of The Shadows"
    Bob James - "Feel Like Making Love"
    Curtis Knight - "Hi-Low" (drums)
    Richard Roundtree - "Lovin'"
    Joe Thomas - "Chitlins And Chuchifritos" (bassline stab)
    Southside Movement - "I've Been Watching You"
    Black Heat - "Zimbaku"


    Jimmy Smith - "Number One"
    Eddie Harris - "Carry On Brother"
    David T. Walker - "Never Can Say Goodbye"
    Earth Wind & Fire - "Bad Tune"
    Jeremy Steig - "Howling For Judy"
    Chase - "Twinkles"
    Funkadelic - "Good Old Music"
    Ross - "Discovery"
    Dizzy Gillespe - "Swing Low Sweet Cadillac"
    Eddie Harris - "Turbulence" (tripped out sounds on second interlude)
    "listen" and "hear us now..", The Watt Prophets - "Listen"
    "now we call on you", Earth, Wind & Fire - "Energy"
    "stay strong", A Tribe Called Quest - "Footprints"
    "we are a part of those concerned with change", Frank Foster - "The Loud Minority"
    "meanwhile uptown, the DJ appears", from the movie "The Harder They Come"
    "everybody is so concerned about heroin and marijuana...", Bama The Village Poet -
    "Social Narcotics"
    "so you know as well as I do that things are changing", Roland Kirk - "?"
    "it's only a matter of time", Bama The Village Poet - "Social Narcotics"
    "freedom", Frank Foster - "The Loud Minority"
    "that's all that life is", Melvin Van Peebles - "Chippin"
    "the record ends and we must begin again", The Watt Prophets - "Part-e,s"

    In/Flux (Alternative Interlude '93 Version):

    Jimmy Smith - "Number One"
    Eddie Harris - "Carry On Brother"
    David T. Walker - "Never Can Say Goodbye"
    Stanley Clarke - "Concerto For Jazz/Rock Orchestra Part II"
    Jeremy Steig - "Howling For Judy"
    Dizzy Gillespe - "Swing Low Sweet Cadillac"
    Eugene Blacknell and the New Breed - "Gettin' Down" (drums)
    "stay strong", A Tribe Called Quest - "Footprints"
    "these...are...those...words", Boogie Down Productions - "Stop The Violence"


    Al Kooper - "The Landlord"
    Roy Ayers - "We Live In Brooklyn Baby"
    Roy Ayers - "He's A Superstar"
    Tower of Power - "Mahdi (The Expected One)"
    Vancouver Symphony Orchestra - "Barnes Shoots Elias" from the soundtrack to
    Quincy Jones - "Hot Rock Soundtrack"
    "the tracks go off in this direction" - Star Wars

    Lost And Found (S.F.L.):

    U2 - "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
    Fleetwood Mac - "Brown Eyes"
    "well.. you said to me I'm out of my mind", Murray Roman - "Fairy Tale"
    "now let me give you the picture of what's going down", Murray Roman - "Kitchen &
    "get high, get above yourself, look down upon yourself...", Murray Roman - "Speed Rap"

    What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 2):

    The Growing Concern - "Edge Of Time"
    Drum Session - "Shelly's Blues" (drums)
    "In a few moments you will have an experience that will seem completely real..." from the
    movie "Brainstorm"
    "has everybody got a place to hide, is everybody warm inside", Mystic Moods - "Webb of
    Jim Collage (MacArthur Park/Yard Went On Forever)"
    "there's a guy out there, and the stakes are high..." from the movie "Johnny Got His Gun"
    The last vocal sample, "Can you feel this? What is that buzzing? Are you now, or have
    you ever, moved slowly?" is from George Lucas' "THX 1138"

    What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 3):

    Hollins And Starr - "Twin City Prayer"
    "...other states of conciousness are as real....beyond mass and energy, beyond even
    energy....", from the movie "Altered States"

    What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4):

    Flying Island - "The Vision and the Voice Part 1 - The Vision"
    "talk to me.. c'mon old boy.. lose that!..", from the movie "Deep Calm"

    What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1):

    Heath Bros. - "The Voice Of The Saxophone"
    Shawn Philips - "All Our Love"
    The Growing Concern - "Edge Of Time"


    Best Foot Forward:

    Stanley Clarke - "Concerto For Jazz/Rock Orchestra Part II"
    "hold up, hold up, before we get started", Russel Rush & Jazzy Jay - "Cold Chillin' In
    The Spot"
    "guess who's coming", Sparky Dee - "He's My DJ"
    "it's", Jeru The Damaja - "You Can't Stop The Prophet"
    "shadow", JVC Force - "?"
    "back again", Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - "Poison"
    "just your favorite DJ savior", Masters of Ceremony - "Dynamite"
    "using and confusing beats that you never heard", Stezo - "It's My Turn"
    "since... 1990", Lifer's Group - "Real Deal"
    "put a smile on your face like Ultra Bright..", Divine Sounds - "Do Or Die Bed-Stuy"
    "your just fessin...", Beastie Boys - "The Party's Getting Rough"

    Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt:

    Jeremy Storch - "I Feel A New Shadow"
    H.P. Riot - "I Need You"
    Lexia - "I Worship You"
    "from listening to records I just knew what to do.." from "Music Makers - Percussion"
    a record from 1974 that was provided to schools as a public service by
    Chevron/Standard Oil Company of California.
    "what makes cancer tenacious..", Signs Of The Zodiac: Cancer - "Planetary

    The Number Song:

    Metallica - "Orion"
    Tony Alvon & The Belairs - "Sexy Coffee Pot"
    Pearly Queen - "Quit Jivin"
    Pink Floyd - "On The Run" (movie version from at Pompeii)
    Jimmy Smith - "8 Counts For Rita" (drums)
    New Fast Automatic Daffodils - "?"
    The first "1, 2, 3, 4, 5", T La Rock - "Breakdown"
    "what is this", A Tribe Called Quest - "Can I Kick It? (Spirit Mix)"
    "listen to this, just..listen to this, just..listen" & "we want y'all to understand...one, two,
    three, and..", Grandmaster Flash - "Flash It To The Beat"
    "who got the number, guess what, I got the number", Pigmeat Markham/B.Y. and the
    Turnettes - "Who Got The Number"** NOTE**
    "won't you please let me, rock your mind", Grandmaster Flash - "Freelance"
    The "louder" countdown near the end, from the movie "Wild Style" - Fantastic Freaks
    @ The Dixie
    "the party's already started...", The Troubleneck Brothers - "Back To The Hip Hop"


    Tangerine Dream - "Invisible Limits"
    The Meters - "Here Comes the Metermen"
    Kay Gardner - "Touching Souls"
    Kay Gardner - "Inner Mood I"
    Motherlode - "Hard Life"
    Embryo - "Klondyke Netti" (bassline)
    "he cried, he cried, and he cried ... rained 40 nights ... played lots of chess ... made
    lots of friends .. and he wept every time it would rain", Loudon Wainwright III - "The
    Man Who Couldn't Cry"

    Transmission 1:

    "this is not a dream...", from John Carpenter's film, "Prince of Darkness"

    What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4):

    Flying Island - "The Vision and the Voice Part 1 - The Vision"
    "talk to me.. c'mon old boy.. lose that!..", from the movie "Deep Calm"

    Untitled (Track 6):

    Human Race - "Grey Boy"


    Nirvana - "Love Suite"
    "..I tell ya children I could lay right down..", The Mystic Number National Bank -
    "Blues So Bad"

    Long Stem:

    Giorgio - "Tears"
    Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. - "Oleo Strut"
    "Parking tickets, you're crazy.. so they take me in on a chain to long beach.. I am
    scared", Murray Roman - "Freedom"

    Transmission 2:

    Pekka Pohjola - "The Madness Subsides"
    David Axelrod - "The Human Abstract"
    "..latitude..", from the movie "Silent Running"
    "this is not a dream...", from John Carpenter's film, "Prince of Darkness"

    Mutual Slump:

    Bjork - "Possibly Maybe"
    Motherlode - "Soft Shell"
    Pugh - "Love, Love, Love"
    Roger Waters and Ron Geesin - "Seven Dwarves In Penis Land"

    Organ Donor:

    "..playing a funky solo", Samson And Delilah - "There's A D.J. In Your Town"
    Giorgio - "Tears"
    Bill & Tim - "PM Or Later"

    Midnight In A Perfect World:

    "insight, forsight, more sight...", Organized Konfusion - "Releasing Hypnotic Gases"
    Rotary Connection - "Life Could"
    Meredith Monk - "Dolmen Music"
    David Axelrod - "The Human Abstract"
    Pekka Pohjola - "The Madness Subsides"
    Baraka - "Sower Of Seads" (bass line)
    "the midnight rush", Akinyele - "Outta State"

    Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain:

    "well hello there little buddy. come on in. what ya got there with ya. is that your
    dog..." from the movie "The Aurora Encounter"
    Joann Garrett - "Walk On By"
    Fantastic Epics - "Fun & Funk Part 2"
    Charles Bernstein - "Moment of Truth"
    Tyrannosaurus Rex - "Pon A Hill"
    Daly-Wilson Bigband - "My Goodness" (guitar)
    Billy Cobham - "Funky Kind Of Thing" (drum roll)
    "testify", The Original Soul Senders - "Soul Brothers Testify"
    "napalm, when the bombs activated...", BQ In Full Effect - "Let the Homicides Begin"

    What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1 - Blue Sky Revisit):

    Alan Parsons Project - "Nucleus"
    Heath Bros. - "The Voice Of The Saxophone"
    Shawn Philips - "All Our Love"
    David Young - "Joe Spilivigates" (drums)

    Transmission 3:

    "this is not a dream...", from John Carpenter's film, "Prince of Darkness"
    "it is happening again...", episode 15 of "Twin Peaks"

    Midnight In A Perfect World (Extended Version):

    Meredith Monk - "Dolmen Music (Overture)"
    Rotary Connection - "Life Could"
    Meredith Monk - "Dolmen Music"
    David Axelrod - "The Human Abstract"
    Pekka Pohjola - "The Madness Subsides"
    Funkadelic - "Wars of Armageddon"
    Baraka - "Sower Of Seads" (bass line)
    "the midnight rush", Akinyele - "Outta State"
    "what happened.. what happened that night?", from the movie "Jacob's Ladder"
  2. DJ_Science

    DJ_Science TRIBE Member

    Wow, where the hell did you get this?
  3. smack

    smack TRIBE Member

    I copy and pasted it from another messageboard
  4. Syntax Error

    Syntax Error Well-Known TRIBEr

    who cares?
  5. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

  6. Destro Sanchez

    Destro Sanchez TRIBE Member

    now someone out there is a big digger with a lot of time on their hands to pick apart a whole sampladelic album like entroducing.

  7. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

  8. Mike Richards

    Mike Richards TRIBE Member

    I'm confused
  9. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member


    Just makes you respect the album that much more.
  10. Mike Richards

    Mike Richards TRIBE Member

    Hah let's go download some Metallica!!!
  11. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    Ho Lee Chit ! :eek:

    Time to give Endtroducing another listen hehe ..
  12. hysterical

    hysterical TRIBE Member

    Im lost....what the hell is all of that?
  13. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

  14. Astroboy

    Astroboy TRIBE Member

    anyone have this album on the FTP?
  15. fishbulb

    fishbulb TRIBE Member

    The ingredients to one sweetass recipe.
  16. Isosceles_CAT

    Isosceles_CAT TRIBE Promoter

  17. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member

    Obviously most people here.
  18. Isosceles_CAT

    Isosceles_CAT TRIBE Promoter

    fair enough....why? seriously.
  19. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member

    Because it's cool to see how much work went into creating a sample-based album like Entroducing.
    And some people enjoy knowing the source of sampled beats.
  20. Isosceles_CAT

    Isosceles_CAT TRIBE Promoter

    I see, well if you want to hear some much more interesting sample-based work, I suggest Kid Koala, FSOL or Amon Tobin.

    I mean Shadow is cool and all, but where is all this 'hard work'? Ripping all those samples? Sequencing them into a techno album? I guess that would be time consuming... But wouldn't he be paying someone to rip a bunch of samples that he picks and chooses from anyway?

    That being said, I love hotdogs, but I would never want to know whats in them: takes away from the danger and excitement.
  21. Stormshadow

    Stormshadow TRIBE Member


    I'm not getting into this argument man...because I'd go on for hours, and I'm going to bed.
    I'm assuming that you're not a hip hop fan then?

    PS - I'm sure most of us know who Kid Koala, FSOL, and Amon Tobin are, and have heard their stuff. I'm a fan of them all...but why compare?

    PPS - Since when did Shadow start making techno? =P
  22. Isosceles_CAT

    Isosceles_CAT TRIBE Promoter

    You're right, its a pointless argument. I guess I'm just being negative because I feel that if you are going to be a sample musician then you should do something really creative to justify the fact that you are using sounds created by other people, standing on their shoulders to some extent, etc.... But to each his own. I can dig that some people just want to hear cool music.

    btw I rather enjoy some hiphop, just *not* the stuff they tend to play on muchmusic. Very intesting history, goes back hundreds of years if not more. Too bad about all the superstars who are intent on stripping it of any musical value.
  23. Syntax Error

    Syntax Error Well-Known TRIBEr

    you're just jealous.
  24. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    i'll guess that you haven't heard Endtroducing, have you?

    It is VERY creative. Shadow doesn't just use samples, he manipulates them, strips em down and builds them back up, creates beats and breaks out of the craziest shit. Not many people could do the things he does, it takes a very imaginative and creative mind.

    Watch the movie 'Scratch', they have a segment with Shadow which might make you appreciate him a bit more. or maybe not.

    and i've never heard him on Much Music
  25. Isosceles_CAT

    Isosceles_CAT TRIBE Promoter

    Indeed, the artist I thought was DJ Shadow actually turned out to be someone else.... My mistake.

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