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dj serious revue.....


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i saw janiecakes and i lix at this jam (unfortuntely only briefly), so i'm figuring at least a few of y'all will be interested in a review of the revue....

This was a hype jam... it made me a bit sad that I've been in London for all these years, missing out on the growth of toronto's hip-hop scene.

Starting with the bad.... $20 cover. I'm used to seeing all these cats for $5 tops, but i guess by bringing in bahamadia and booking the Opera House they had to jack the price.

The performances: Bahamadia was silky smooth.... she didnt't play any of her classic Collage tunes like "Uknowhowwedo" or "3 tha Hard Way", but it was still a hype performance. Lots of accapella type-ish in that crazy fast flow of hers... I've always loved her for her lyrics, and the poetics were on point again here. She gave mad love to toronto and also dropped the Roni Size track from New Forms... I liked her grandma sweater....

Next up, D-cisive, Nish, and Arcee all dropped their tracks from Serious' album, and some others too....all were HYPE... the beats sounded sick live and showed why serious IS Canada's #1 beat-maker.... and D-Cisive was mad jokes as always, rocking one of those leather hats with the metal fronts that everyone had in grade 7.

Next up, mr. Kardinal Offishall with the backing of IRS from Monolith.... I've seen kardi quite a few times, mostly around the Natty Dread days, but hadn't seen him in years... Dude's stage-show has gotten crazy and he deserves mad-respect for that... he dropped Bakardi Slang and in case anybody's sleeping, this track is a gem, meant for us in the megacity and nobody else (although others will like it, too)... Same goes for IRS's new single T-Dot-- The Anthem... it's not the best example of their lyricism but it's not meant to be... it's energy and crazy chanting that's meant as a patriotic battle cry.... request the video on much and see what I mean!

I had a patriotic tear in my eye this night. The hip-hop coming out of toronto is as good as anywhere in the world, and we gotta show love... peace
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by patio-d:
I liked her grandma sweater....

i loved that sweater!

accapella version of cheap chicks =


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anyone have any info on his group the pocket dwellers?
i met them working in BC, just wondering if there back in t0


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by janiecakes:
and it was lovely seeing you patio-d, as usual.</font>

you too, sweetie... i'll be back in the city soon, and will be sure to have a skate session outside of metro hall around noonish...
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