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dj Scott Cairns @Andy PoolHall


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I had never heard the legendary Scott Carins before. This was his bio from the event info on May 11.

Lifetime Funk fan and legendary DJ Scott Cairns from the Phoenix' Concert Theatre's Planet Vibe & Life On Fridays, Shallow Groove, JOY, OZ --and many more -- will be our special guest, spinning an *exclusive* prime time funk set! Scott's mixing skills and deep selections are untouchable, so don't miss this master flexing on the decks as only he can!

I set a camera near by the dJ booth and captured some of his set. If you've never been to the black crack funk attack before, the musical theme is for each dJ to mix it up for 20mins before another dJ comes on. Here we have Scott Cairns warming up the decks and funkifying the dancefloor.

I felt like I was in high school again while listening to his music collection and that made for a great night all around.

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