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DJ Schools


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Does anyone know of any schools in toronto that offer DJ courses (Scratching, Beatmatching, tricks.... etc).

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Jeremy Jive

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I know there is one up on bloor somewhere. Its run by DJ Shine. They usually have flyers around in Metropolis and stuff.

jeremy -I hope that helps a little- jive


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It's around Bathurst, south side, just to the east of the TD machine and insomnia, in a 2nd floor unit. I will be your instructor.
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Smiley Jo

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AMG teaches chicks to spin I think, she's a Toronto local.
Wouldn't know how to get ahold of her though.. Sawee. Cept I know she is playing at that Film place on Saturday.


poker face

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For scratching and beat juggling type of stuff I recommend you get a DMC competition video and study the shit out of it!


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That reminds me, did anyone ever see that video by Jurassic 5 (I think), where its a mock infomercial selling 'hiphop'? "Call now and we'll send you these free hiphop sweat bands!" Hilarious!
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