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DJ School?


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yeah I have passed by sessions at my school before.

...tables and tables of tables, haha. sounds strange, but really they just have regular tables with rows and rows of decks. You would be surprised at how many people sign up for this class. It was popular the first time so they decided to continue the course for more seasons.

I think it's cool. Why not? I mean people take hand drumming, basic theory classes which are generally rhythm clapping classes, so why not turntablism?

to each their own.


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I think video's (Q bert's is great) and dj school is a good way for newbies like myself to check out the way more advance dj's do their thing.



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At the Royal Conservatory?
Wow, that's crazy.

I've been a believer in the diy logic behind dj'ing...but I guess this is kinda cool.
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Alright...now that I've watched the video...

That was pretty hurting.

And since when's Lil' Jaz Nelly Furtado's DJ?
Learn something new everyday.
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Personally, I think its a better idea to learn on your own to develop your own style as opposed to taking a class. Is a good idea for somebody to show you stuff, but practise and patience will in the long run help you more than anything.

my $0.02


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I don't know. Chiclet has taken the time to teach me a few things and I learned techniques that I NEVER would've thought about doing.
The simplest thing she taught me was how to even start off a record and to find the beginning. And she also taught me how to move my hand and arm.

It's like learning a golf swing! :D