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DJ Sarana - Psylandia


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"Psylandia" is the latest promotional DJ set as featured on the launch of Psylandia
by co-creator DJ Sarana - available for download in WAV format.

DJ Sarana [Psylicious] FI

Finland based DJ Sarana is one half and co-creator of Psylandia, the new monthly radio
show powered by Psylicious Radio with Australian DJ, Auricle.
She has always had a passion for music since her childhood years. Her musical spectrum
of taste has ranged from classical to metal before her journey into psychedelia.
Her sound and style is a full on explosion of energetic psychedelic trance that is clearly
delivered from the heart...

Track List

01. Spectra Sonics – Blind Attack – Soonora Records
02. M-Theory & Stereoxide – Rave Is Art – Blacklite Records
03. Ashtar Command & Digital Mode – Digital Command – Catalyst Records
04. Ital & Spiritual Mind – Out of Your Mind – Antu Records
05. N3xu5 & Juggling – Clear Enough – Locobot Records
06. Lunatica – The Only Purpose – Sacred Technology
07. Future Species – Supernatural – Dacru Records
08. A-tech – Mutants – Dacru Records
09. Syxtra – A Shaman in a Digital World – Antu Records
10. Helber Gun & Spectra Sonics – Melomaniacs – Blacklite Records
11. Avan7 & Browkan – Taipa – Maharetta Records
12. Imagine Mars – Sacred Space (Spectra Sonics Remix) – Sacred Technology
13. Mono Sapiens – Helium – 180 Degrees Records
14. Cambium – Fractions of Infinity – Sahman Records
15. X-side – Brahma – New Skulls Records
16. Panayota – Moments – BR Records
17. H1N1 – VL – Lysergic Records
18. Singularity – Architect of Kaos – Kaos Krew Records
19. Alienn – Big Day – Terror Hippie Records

Listen | Download: DJ Sarana - Psylandia

DJ Sarana Links & Social Media

Info | Bookings: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here
Instagram: Click Here
Soundcloud: Click Here
Mixcloud: Click Here
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