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DJ RUSH @ Sona January 18th


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'cause the man is the reason that speed was invented.

Jeezus, his set last night was FUCKING INSANE! I have and (hopefully) never will again experience such hard techno. I honestly encourage anyone who enjoys going out and going buck to disgustingly hard techno to see DJ Rush. The man is a show and a half.

-DJ Rush for prime minister-


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dammit didn't I already put up a sad face

can someone bring him to toronto next week?
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my review, which was orginally posted on techno.xvi.com. I don't have any pics though and i don't think anyone will have any...

ok first off, maximum respect and thanks go out to Anita
if it wasn't for her i wouldn't have had a drive to the club, wouldn't have gotten into the club, and wouldn't have had drive home from the club
so yeah, basically i'm a big fat bum without Anita
so major thanks, once again... you always do me proper.

got to the club around 3am i'd say... i can't recall since i didn't have my watch with me last night. Anyways, just chilled around for a little while... met Glen (da Grunj) and had a nice chat with him and his girlfriend. Wikkid to party with both of you again. Come back to MTL soon!
the dj before Rush was really good too... 'warming up' the crowd nicely with what i thought to be hard techno tracks
you see, i thought they were hard techno tracks because previous to 4am on January 18th, 2002...the tracks were 'hard' according to my definition of what 'hard' is.

But you see my friends, DJ Rush blew what i knew hard to be to smithereeens. Simply put, his set was fucking nuts. It absolutely POUNDED for three hours straight. The crowd ate it up, and went buck for all three hours... it was amazing. Once again MTL proved that 'too hard' isn't in its vocabulary. Technically, i was impressed with Rush. There were times where the beats weren't synchronised at the start, but he quickly fixed the problem everytime and the set kept on chuggin'. The other thing that i was impressed with was the fact that he 'layered' tracks in the first place ... all of the tracks he spun were amped enough to stand on there own. But Rush achieved a definite sense of layering...big ups for that. Oh and him doing live samples over his tracks was nuts too! (i didn't know it at the time...but Brent told me later that he did it...crazy!). To end it all off, when he exited the decks i reached over the glass of the dj booth and shook his hand. Plus Anita met him and got to sign one of her records. N ii i i i ceeee.

Once again, nice to see Ira and all the other Ottawa/XVI crew there as well...its going to be hard to top that night off in 2002!



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Deep: according to his schedule i think he's doing a tour of Brazil from the 24th to the 27th.
So if you want to book him you'll have to do it fast.


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nice review THR, wish I could have been there. won't be doing any bookings, I'm just a listener

If you come across his set @ I Love Techno in November of 2001 do grab it and give it a listen. Sounds like it's pretty comparable to what he did in Montreal.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by tommysmalls:
too bad when he came to town 2 years back only about 25 people showed (phryl monthly at industry)</font>
I was there. Hard as hell that night too. Industry seemed pretty empty with so few people. Had a great time anyway.

poker face

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My friend went to see Rush when he was just in Montreal. Dj Rush was an ass to him and tried to pick up his girlfriend.

Dj Rush is one nasty mofo!

Da grunj

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10 years ago? Ive heard soo many people say theyve grown out of THAT PHASE. Fuck that i say!!! The beatz STILL NEVER LEAVE MY HEAD!. Thank god for 15yeas of techno