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DJ Nu-Mark & his Million Dollar Toy Show Review

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by knoledgebass, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. knoledgebass

    knoledgebass TRIBE Promoter

    Shipwreck'd! * Check videos

    The last time I remember seeing DJ Nu-Mark was maybe five years ago at the Jurassic 5 show and he pulled out a PlaySkool mini turntable which he used to scratch on 45s with. The crowd went bonkers, and it was probably the first concert cellphone video I ever took. Those 6 seconds of A/V gold were a sheer delight for friends and random strangers that I entertained in the months to come.

    When I heard that Nu-Mark was coming back and doing a solo ‘toy’ show, I was immediately intrigued. Billed as ‘DJ Nu-Mark and His Wondrous Toys’ (yes, wondrous IS a word), he threw down a 15 mn or so show using various props and noisemakers taxed from Value Villages, thrift shops and digital ebay vendors from around the world. The rest of his set was mostly top 40s hiphop, funk. But it’s not like he didn’t throw in his own million dollar skills because, damn, that guy is fuÇking talented. He even threw in a smidgen of dubstep with the A-Skillz ‘ Strawberry Fields’ remix, which was a nice nod but he really could have pushed things a bit further considering the not-so-mainstream crowd that Make It Funky tends to bring out.

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