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DJ Noir


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Not sure if anyone has heard of this guy before but he def'n caught my attention as of late. He's from Denmark

Noir got his first residency in a club called Rendez Vous playing everything from Hip Hop, soul, 70’s funk to House & techno. After 3-4 years of intense dj’ing he narrowed his set down to playing only House.
This brought him another residency and the chance to start up a houseclub “V4” which is now (and has been for the past 5 years) one of the finest and most popular clubs in Denmark.
V4 was nominated “Club of The Year” at The Danish Deejay Awards 2003 and Noir himself was nominated “Upfront Deejay of The Year” at The Danish Deejay Awards 2004.
After hosting his own weekly radioshow Groovecouch for about 3-4 years, Noir decided to stop becauce of lack of time. The demand for guest sets to radiostations all over the world is still growing though.
Noir has been playing alongside some of the worlds greatest djs through the years and is now dj’ing all over the world and known for always trying to break new tracks and set the clubs on fire with his playful and energetic dj sets.

None of this minimal, electro stuff. Just straight up club progressive.
Check out his latest set if you're bored.


He's also a decent producer but still relativley unknown.
Check his website and click on his chart to hear a few of his remixes.

Just passing it along.
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