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Dj Monkeys Party @ Turbo

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It was a good night, in some ways....music was good, highlight being Madonna's 'Like a Prayer' breakstyle!
Danced all night, glad a few of my friends were there cause most of the people there I could do without....all in all, an okay way to spend a wednesday night....


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I had an allright time. There weren't as many people there as I had expected but I guess that was better b/c it gave me more room when I actually felt like struttin my stuff. Good music, good way to spend my midweek evening.



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me and tom decided the theme was to 'show these kids how its done'...

now i don't mean that in a bad way at all. we just felt really on the old side, plus the energy level seemed to be low. so we just figured we'd do it up, old school stylez. and boy, did we ever, wardrobe and all
it was a fun nite all round!! (dressing as boy was pretty fucking fun and hilarious!!)

and all round fun nite. much agreed that the hilight of the nite was a little madonna, breakbeat style. we rounded up the night with a little flyering and a little street meat at the limelight. made for a fun nite yet tiring nite (no more 5:30am chats tom!!!, but we are definately looking foward to the vital paryt on saturday. i can only take so much of an all ages party, now what i mean??



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Thank you Michelle and Matt, for throwing yet another enjoyable party

I definately had a good time, Decepticon started the Jam off to a good start
and I must agree that when D-Monic dropped the "Madonna's Like a Prayer" track I ran to the dance floor! Jelo hit it hard with the old chicago house! Nice! and I just caught the beginnin of Robb G's set, but it did sound good.

The atmosphere was a little different then the last dj Monkey's funky jam, I think a major factor being that it was all ages. I like having the freedom to drink my drinks and watch the dj's at the same time, I felt a little restricted and that I would miss out being confined to the 19+ area. But at least there was one!

Can't wait till the next one!
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All i gotta say is that party suc'd. I am easy to plz, just gimme some breaks. Problem was there really weren't any to speak of- which made the $17-before midnight on a wednesday!- kinda pinch. Better luck nxt time. What the hell was up with the music?!?! Maybe it was cause i was in the 19+ cage all night, but it sure didn't sound like breaks- I'm not alone in thinking this. Have fun with my money <sniff ;>


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^^^^^^*looks above*

dude!?!?! didnt sound like breaks??


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