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Dj Monkey's Boxing Day Battle at Turbo Nite Club

dj x

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WOW....WOW.... and WOW again!

It's 5am, just got home from what was
probably the best nite of the year.
This is how every bloody party should be, wicked tight crowd, everyone and I mean EVERYONE was definitely partying it up, smiles everywhere and ppl generally having a good time.

The night started off with me and Phat Trick spinning b2b, we were supposed to the do the 4 dex thing but decided it'd be better just taking it in turns. We both have different styles but we managed to adapt to each other pretty well, definitely had a blast playing with him.

Next up was Big League Chu and Robb G, as usual they threw down a slammin' set, the crowd was going wild by now, not sure whether it was cuz everyone was drunk HAHA

Anyways, Chu finished off with that "Over the ocean," tune and that pretty much blew the roof off of the basement of turbo hehe.
Was definitely the highlight of the night, at least for me anyways.

J-Red and Switch took the wheels of steel next, didn't get to hear much of their set cuz I had to leave to go and visit the Email party and see some peeps I hadn't seen in a while.

I managed to get back to Turbo just in time to catch Dj Monkey throwing down the last couple tunes, that NWA Express yourself tune just does it for me everytime.

All in all, the night itself was a tremendous success, both turnout-wise as well as it being a quality nite out of fun, and slammin' breakbeats till the wee hours of the morning

Thanks to Mike, Matt, Michelle, Chris D and everyone else involved, it was definitely a special nite which I hope to see more of.

Big ups to all of you and have a good new year

Dj X

dj x

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One last thing, if anyone found a silver bracelet, I lost it.

There's a story behind it and it has sentimental value to me, so if by chance anyone reading this found it or knows about it, please let me know.

Matt: If you found it during clean-up let me know.



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What a fuckn' nite! The place was rammed with 400 people by 1 and there was at least 150 left when I dropped the last track at 4:30.

All I have to say is ROBB and BIG LEAGUE are GODS. Tremendous DJ's playing for a Tremendous crowd.

Thanx to everyone who came and made this the best night of the year!

Stay tuned for battle #2 on Sat. Feb. 24

LOvE MonKey


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i'm kinda glad december is almost over, cuz this month is killing me!!! so much fun stuff going on...i can't keep up!!!

what a better way to end off the christmas celebration than with a few solid hours of breaks, friends and beer at turbo??!!
last nite was awesome. began the evening with some quality time at my apartment with some good chats with good friends then off to turbo. when we got there at 11:30 things were already jumping. by the time chu and robb hit the decks, it was full out madness. from 'groove is in the heart' to 'over the ocean' at the end, we didn't stop dancing!!
so good, so fun, so tiring!!!

my friends and i had to take a much needed break as jred and switch came on, but eventually they had us up and dancing again. we lasted another hour but then we had to bail!!!

all in all, a great nite...one of those where you go home with a huge smile on your face. thanks to all those who helped put it there.



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BOXING DAY BREAKS!!! One of the best parties of the year!! I rarely stay till the end of any party but at this one i couldn't leave!!

I got to the party around 11 or so....was it me or was the security lady kinda tight??? I expected the normal pat down but she ran her hand up my leg, moved "IT" over *insert shocked look here* ran up the other leg and moved "IT" over again!

When we got in there wasn't too many ppl there but it filled up quickly!! Favourite set of the nite was big league chu vs Robb G!! It was SICK!!!! Saw Czech there too!! Wished he threw down a couple of track for us. Ah well!! I was kinda tired when jred and switch hit the decks....sorta sat around for a long time but i was up again when dj monkey started spinning!! "Express yourself" kept me smiling for the rest of the nite

Overall this was a WIKKID WIKKID party!!!
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Angus Robinson

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Wicked party. nuff said.

We got plenty of pitures from the night too. You may have noticed a dude walkin around with a digital camera. That was Adam (posts on Tribe as "Bambaclat"). The pictures will all be available on the january issue of torontobreaks.com (along with a whole bunch of other new photos) in a few days. We took lots of crowd shots too, so if you were there, chances are you are in a few of our pictures. Check the site in a few days.


-Angus www.djmadhatter.com www.torontobreaks.com


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Definitely agree... great party. Huge crowd considering it was a Tuesday. If any of the TBK sees me walking around at any parties come up and say hi!.
PS Angus I heard you shooting the s*** on 1groove before your set and you sounded drunk! haha

Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
Originally posted by Bumbaclat:
PS Angus I heard you shooting the s*** on 1groove before your set and you sounded drunk! haha
That's cuz I was

I mp3ed the set and put it on napster for all to enjoy.