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Dj Mea rocked my world!!!!!


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haha, first one up...honestly tonight fuckin rocked!! my disrespect has to honestly go out to the kitchener scene, cause the place was fairly dead. But Mea seriously played the best set i've heard in a really, really long time...
she even came out during one of her tracks and fucking DANCED with the crowd!!!! on top of that, she signed a cd for us, talked to us for like 5 minutes after...
the night was a fucking sucess DEJ, thank you so much Darrell and Blake (didn't see you there)
and andrew and mike kicked ass as well, although os/2 suct, we don't need t.o dj's here, especially with roo and mike shannon up there...
party was a 9.5/10...
thank you very much for a good night...


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I have to agree, Mea rocked. She law down some funky, funky hard house in a DJ Dan/Barry weaver kinda style. It's too bad there wasn't more people there to enjoy her. A lot of people in the K-town area defenitly missed out on one of the best DJ's to hit this city in a while. Her deck skills were solid, and the odd vocal thrown in here and there, was a nice topping to it all. Way to go DEJ for sossin' her out. I guess there was just too many events happenin' in the area this long weekend, and a lot of people were probably burnt from either Thursday or Friday night. Not to worry though, all in attendance had a wicked, wicked time.


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WoW !!!

Bring her back !!!! There weren't a lot of people there but DJ MEA was the bomb. Absolutely beautiful and threw down some amazing tracks. To top it off, it was a birthday party for her.. she's 27
Happy Birthday MEA

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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What a grand night indeed.

Although the crowd was lacking, I wasn't surprised because everyone was going to Serenity. And none the less, DJ Mea made my night. She laid down a great set with flashes of techno, trance, hard house, and even breaks all tying together in a really great way. The breaks at the end of her set made my night specifically.
breaks + LIVE female vocals = sex!
thus the name of the party.

I was also impressed because Mea was just chillin' in the drinking lounge before her set, just joking around and chillin' with the peeps. Very down to earth quality that you don't see in a lot of djs anymore.

Heard some good jungle throughout the night, and had a great time despite the bare spots on the dance floor.

Once again, big ups' DEJ!!!
You are keeping things fresh with good lineups in a quality venue at low ticket prices.

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