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DJ Mark Baker - The Formula [House Techno Tech House]


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My wife and I are going to be parents very soon! In honor of this upcoming special occasion, I've decided to make a crack-a-lackin mix in honor of my impending fatherhood..... aptly called "The Formula". The tunes are inspired by our recent trip to Detroit to the Movement Festival. Hopefully you find this mix groovy as I will be grooving to a wack of dirty diapers.



The Formula - By DJ Mark Baker

1. Midwife Doppler - Baby Leon
2. Murk - Dark Beat (Addicted to Drums Fea Oba Frank Lords (Danny Daze Funadmental Remix)
3. Jamie Jones - Percolator (Jamie Jones Vault Remix)
4. Cajmere, Dajae - Satisfy (Tiger Stripes & Pleasurekraft Remix)
5. Gene Farris, Cajmere - Let's Work (Original Mix)
6. Green Velvet & Riva Star - Robots (Weiss Remix)
7. Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Tripi feat. Manfred Mann's Earth Band (Original Mix)
8. KC Flightt, Funky Junction - Voices (Fata Morgana Remix)
9. Radio Slave - Don't Stop No Sleep (Original Mix)
10. Mihai Popoviciu - Transitions (Bootleg Mix)
11. Sian - A Streetcar Named Desire
12. Da Fresh, Xenia Beliayeva - Someone (Original Mix)
13. Prince Dread, Bunny Sigler - Freak Like Me Feat. Bunny Sigler (DJ Dan Mix)
14. Da Fresh - Yo (Original Mix)
15. Sonic Future - Move Your Hips
16. Midwife Doppler - Baby Leon Part II
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