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DJ Mag says Harry Choo Choo Romero was KIDNAPPED!!!


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Words: Terry Church

US DJ Harry Choo Choo Romero and Jorge Jaramillo from Who Da Funk have disappeared in Colombia amidst mysterious circumstances. The two Subliminal DJs have been missing for two weeks after it emerged that they failed to check into their hotel. Both cannot be contacted on their mobile phones, and neither has rung home or Subliminal.

Colombia is notorious for tourist kidnappings, with groups like the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, responsible for almost 3,000 kidnappings every year. Often rebel groups will kidnap ordinary Colombians and foreigners for ransom, leading to fears that Harry Choo Choo and Jaramillo could have been taken hostage. The Colombian Tourist Board advises: “Kidnapping and criminal violence remain problems especially in rural and border areas. Extreme caution is therefore required. Road journeys are dangerous and so is travel after dark. Thus whilst not specifically advising against travel to all of Colombia, great caution is needed and conditions cannot be guaranteed. Corruption is commonplace.”

However, fans of the DJs need not panic, as the kidnapping of the two would be highly unlikely. More probable is the possibility that the DJs simply felt like some time off work; especially considering the tough time Harry Choo Choo has had in the last few months following his arrest in Ireland after an altercation aboard an inbound flight. If you see the DJs or hear any information regarding the disappearance, DJmag urges you to ring or contact the Subliminal missing DJs hotline.
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Littlest Hobo

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One time at the Comfort Zone I asked Baby Hec Choo Choo whatever the fuck his name is to speed up the music. He told me to fuck off. :D


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Originally posted by Littlest Hobo
One time at the Comfort Zone I asked Baby Hec Choo Choo whatever the fuck his name is to speed up the music. He told me to fuck off. :D

you should have given him a columbian necktie
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Nowhere in that article does it say that he has been kidnapped! It's a very unlikely hypothesis it says.


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The article makes it sound like there was already a Subliminal missing DJs hotline before they disappeared.

"If you spot yet another one of our runaway DJs, please call our tip line!"