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DJ Lushys - HIstory Of Rave Part One (1987-1991)

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by lushys, May 14, 2010.

  1. lushys

    lushys TRIBE Member

    Hello and welcome to part one!

    Link to Download: History of Rave (Part One 1987-1991 Hip-House Italio Techno etc) by Lushys (AKA LS1 & The Naturalizer) | djmix.ca

    DJ Lushys (aka LS1) - Histoy of Rave (Part One - 1987-1991 House/Hip-House, Italio, Detroit, Rave)
    This is the first part in a neverending series of mix's I will be focusing on, The History of Rave. I'm beggining with a general overview of the scene coming out of the late 80s in North America on a more pop-culture tip, next mix we will be focsing on Acid, 1988-89 the Summer of Love and the track that started it all Phuture - Acid Traxx.
    In this mix we go all over the world, from Italy to Detroit to NYC and the UK, before Hardcore, Before Trance, Before Jungle, when it was all just music to get down too, when it was all just a mystery pirate station at 1am, an underground party in a warehouse in Torontos theatre district, Cloud mixers and jacking, partying till the sun came up, went back down and come right back up again. Rave.

    Starting it off, our first track was producced as a sort of musical pettiion against the British Government, because after the Summer of Love (88) the government was trying to shutdown raves, raves of 10-20,000 people every weekend, similar to what happened in Toronto but on a much smaller level with Idance, and something of which I wish we were more active with with Louise Logan.

    Tracklist: (100% Vinyl, 100% Mixer from Hell)
    The House Crew - All We Wanna Do Is Dance (Production House 1989, support the freedom to party campaign)
    M|A|R|R|S - Pump Up The Volume ( BAD707 1987)
    ALPATEK - Its Time to Pump (Techno Mix NMX260 1990)
    KRUSH - Jacks Back (1987 Fun Records)
    DESKEE - Kid Get Hyped (1991 Big One Records)
    Double Trouble - Gimme Some More (1991 Desire Records)
    The Beat Pirate - Pirate Style (1988 Stop and Go)
    M.G.B - Tragic Beat (Release Your Bass Version, 1999)
    Bomb The Bass - Dont Make Me Wait (Rythim King Recordings 1988)
    Fun 4 Fun - Relax Your Soul (1990 Logic Records)
    Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia (1990 ARS Recordings)
    Blow-Out - 39 Steps (1990 Production House Records)
    Blow-Out - Come on Everybody (Production House 1991)
    (mix into the next track is kind of shamefull, I blame it on the mixer, you can blame it on me :)
    Kevin Saunderson (Big Fun) - Inner City ( Vrigin 1988 Detroit)
    The KLF - Guns of MU MU ( KLF Communications 1990)
    Snap - The Power ( BMG - 1989)

    I want to thank everyone for taking the time to take an interest in the music that built the foundction for current dance and club/rave music. I will be returning with mixs taking you from acid house, through the golden age of DNB, deatchant, early Rotterdam, Detroit, Chicago and more) This is just the first all round taste of 1987-1991.

    A little about me and contact information:
    DJing just shy of a decade, always eager to get out and drop the jams. Currently playing mostly NRG/Hard House, Trance and Electro, but will still do old skool hardocre/jungle sets and acid/hio house/early techno), played along names such as Deacon, Dominik, S4, Jorah Kai, Justrich and Phospher, Tipsy T, Luna-C, S.O.S/Paladin, OS/2 and many more. Producing since 2001 with my latest releases doing quite fine in the Jungle/DNB scene in Russia for some reason :S.

    : Lushys Discography at Discogs
    Facebok Group: DJ LUSHYS | Facebook
    Email: Corey.Macdonald@gmail.com
    Thanks again for listening. Part TWO should be out by next Monday.
  2. futronic

    futronic TRIBE Member

    Thanks for the mix. You need to update your tracklist though. You're listing remixes and omitting the actual track names in some cases (i.e. - KLF - 3am Eternal [Guns of Mu Mu Edit]).

    -- Jay aka Fut
  3. lushys

    lushys TRIBE Member

    You are correct, thanks for that! Was a little sleepy when posting, also made an error and labelled a 1991 track as 1999 lol.


    There are many more in this series coming. Im tempted to wait till I replace my mixer though, its on its last legs
  4. ghaleon

    ghaleon TRIBE Member

    nice one! on the dl
  5. ghaleon

    ghaleon TRIBE Member

    loving this :) Great tunes, so uplifting

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