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DJ LEGO @ system


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Yes, it was the customer appreciation night at system soundbar .....may i say it was a pretty slammin nite!! good sets by all dj's from beginning to end. although LEGO did have one mis-hap with a scratched record during peek times....but oh well!!! i guess it added flavour to the nite..hehehehe. ummmm..... i'm to sketchy to think much more than this sooo......ummmmmmm......yeah.....
lates. jonny.
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Had an amazing time. Especially when they threw down breaks around 5am. Made my night complete. Amazing progressive.


Bull Go Ki

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Lego was alright, nothing great, accept for when he was playing proper house layered with nice, nice jazzy horns. Horns layered over house is soooooooooooo nice.




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Got there about 2. The dj playing looked like he wasn't getting paid, cuz he'd throw on a track and walk away like he didn't give a shit. Pretty good crowd, but they looked bored. Dj Lego finally came on after 15-20 mins. At first I really didn't dig his style. Kinda slow and boring. Sorta sounded like acid jazz. Best track he put on was Pasilda by afro medusa. That had the crowd moving pretty good. After an hour or so his track selection got better by putting on some wicked house and techno. By 4 in the morn, he had the entire crowd moving, and I let him know my appreciation by giving him the thumbs up. He gave me the ok sign. Another plus of the party was Lego looked like he was having fun. Biggest surprise of the party was it wasn't crowded and full of kids. Actually no one looked younger than 19. Sweet. Overall a pretty good party. Started slow and ended fun. --P
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Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Turbo Bitch was there. Which was kinda weird. Turbo Bitch at System?!?!?! No problems with her though but I'm sure if CosmiCboi was there, there would have been.

Booty Bits

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Originally posted by Shadrach:
Does anybody know if that girl was alright??......very concerned...........-AA-......

what happened?

and liquidgenesis, who the heck is Turbo Bitch? (i dont live in toronto so i am not down with the club gossip)



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ummmm....... 3 things.....1) i was there and wasn't aware of the girl thing... someone OD or somthin??
2)the turbo bitch i know of is that bitch that was at the door at system....correct??
3)liquidgenesis... i'm 17 and i was there but then again some say i look older.... besides all i do is dance, mingle, etc.
un-like most kids my age..."will u sign my book, can i G-out on the floor...pllzzz"
hehehehehehe.... stupid youngins.

peace, jonny


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For those concerned about the girl.
Apparently she was partying at Tonic and
she asked to come into our club to use the washroom. Our security let her in to do her thing and she passed out. She's alright,
just a case of drinking to much. So for all those concerned she is ok, no harm done, except for a mighty hangover.
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Yeah about that girl. She was fuct. I was just dancin and this chick starts hanging on me. Then she asks me where she was so I said at system and she walked off, clinging onto everyone and finally on to some guy. I think she started heaving before security escorted her out. Yeah Turbobitch is some bitch who's always at Lifeforce fridays. Me and my freinds call her that cuz she pushed one of my freinds into a pillar one time. He didn't do anything cuz this bitch is butch. hehehe.

that 420 guy

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dj lego blowin up at system...

- that building blocks guy