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dj lee mac - tek funk house music


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Mostly new tek and funky house tracks with a few classics near the end.

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1. Style of Eye – Back Then(Zombie Disco Squad Edit)
2. Antonio Caballero – Joder (J Fader)
3. Funk Mediterraneo – Sunday of Soccer (Tom Special Interest)
4. Renato Cohen – Suddenly Funk
5. Dani Villa & Cabreira & Rodri Vegas – BounZ
6. Javi Del Valle – La Muchacha Del Pedregal
7. Jay Lumem – The Drummer
8. David Glass – Tell The People
9. J Paul Getto – Different Folks
10. Mr. Patron vs Daft Punk – Get Lucky
11. Nick Garcia & Ruby Valeros – Just Talkin
12. Sleaz feat Villanova – Beautiful (Amine Edge Edit)
13. Freaks – Black Shoes White Socks
14. Serg Szysz
15. King Kooba vs The Frugalettis - Someone
16. Screen II – Hey Mr. DJ
17. DJ Sneak – You Can’t Hide From your Bud
18. Sneaker Pimps – Spin Spin Sugar (Armands mix)
19. Zoo Brazil – Slob (tool)
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