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DJ Hyper @ Fever


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This night was not at all what I expected.

I absolutely loved Big League Chu (who I am not normally crazy for, but dont mind)..

and I was pretty much unimpressed with every other dj the rest of the night.. even the guy chu was tag teaming with.. (which is also wierd)

Hyper: threw down a few absolutely SICCCCCKKKK tracks, but couldnt keep me moving.. so I ended up drinking ALOT instead..

spent alot of money on booze got really fucked, and didnt dance as much as i hoped i would..

night rating 7.5/10
Hyper rating 7.5/10
Chu rating 9/10

Its nice to see the boys from OutofHand out and about again.. They will always be Hamiltons bombest promoter in my eyes..
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wierd.. some guy came up to me and started taking all these photos of me dancing to Chu's set.. I though he was from Klublife or something..

It was just for his personal collection..

oh well..




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hyper was good as per usual. i thought he was a bit better the last time through, but what can you do; you can't be a god every time. chu and saddler were really good. and madhatter was much better than the last time i saw him. then again that was a few years ago. so the tunes were really good overall still.

one thing that i could totally count on too was the people. always a great crowd. i feel more at home at that club than most. even though i didn't know a ton of people, it's pretty friendly and laid back. more dressed up too. i kind of like that. not snobby though. i think that i'll be going to fever a whole lot more in the near future.

topping the drunk list were (as per usual): chu, switch and jen.

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I had a great time...

lots of fun peeps to play with...

the music was great...the house room from start to finish was sawheet! and the breaks room was bumpin' as always. Hyper laid down a pretty sonic breaks set.

Fever wasn't packed but it wasn't dead...
great vibe!
Big ups to tha crew in tow!!!



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I can't believe I missed this! Glad to hear it was a great night tho....sniff

Brandi <------- disappointed I couldn't make it out to this!!!!!

[- FuNKtiOn -]

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well, I personally had a great time at Fever.
the place has a pretty cool set up. lots of places to chill, a bunch of bars for your intoxication needs, and an adequately large dancefloor in both rooms.

when we showed up at around 11:45, the house room was pretty hurtin', so we kept to the breaks in the back. caught the end of chu's set, which was a good backdrop to meet and mingle. Madhatter spun a good set of some hard hitting breaks, which led to Hyper coming on around 1.
Hyper's set was wikkid. his mixes were on the spot, and his track selection was pretty dope too.

I basically wandered briefly into the house room every once in a while, but despite a much smaller crowd, the room seemed much hotter, and the house to techno ratio was kinda low, so back to the breaks room I would stroll only a few minutes later.

but overall, I had a great night.
heard some great music, got to see some wonderful people, and had a fun time in general.
looks like a return to Hamilton may be called for shortly...

Angus Robinson

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What a wicked party! Good sets from everyone who I saw. It was cool to hear all that new stuff from Saddler & Chu (Czech's new track, DJ Love's new track, and Chu's new re-work of some Beanie Man bi'ness).

Hyper was playing some absolutely sick tracks! His set was almost all fresh, unreleased tracks. Lots of whites, CDRs and dubplates (but his dubs were all 12", not 10" so a lot of his dubs looked like regular whites). Best track of the night would have to be the PMT remix of Stir Fry's 'Breakin in the Streets'. I have to get my hands on that track!!!

The dancefloor was ragin' all night too. It was definitely good to see! Backbreakers came through again with another winner. Can't wait for the upcoming Ki, and Draco parties...



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wow! what a great night was had! i drank soooooo much, that i found myself constantly wondering about!! needless to say of course i had a wikkid time as always!

I got my funky fix for the night when the boyz chu and saddler were on! and got damn! i can never not dance when these guys spin!! angus' set was very good!! kept me dancing the whole time, nice work!! hyper was alright, i didnt really care for some of the track selection, but he's not all that much my style. he did drop some kick ass beats tho!!

nice to see everyone out representing again as always!! ham-town kicks serious ass! funktion, i didnt know u were there. then again, i have no clue who u are, so thats probably why- haha! anyways, nice seeing joey, jo, and finch out too! party party!!

and shawn, great fun!

and yes, to everyones comments- i did have fun!! i always have fun! and i like being drunk dammit

dawn- after party say wha??? holy half the club back or what? haha!

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by breakz_btch:
and shawn, great fun!

i got my own line in your review... how sweet. thanks


Smiley Jo

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Had a pretty good time once again in Hamilton! The music is always good, and Fever is a decent temperature with enough room to dance.

Props to the organizers, it was well put together!!

Timmy P played fantastically, although he was a bit late.. *grin* and I was enjoying what I heard of Hyper in the main room.

Thanks to the T.O. birthday crew for finally gettin it together, and to those I don't get to see too often!

Sometimes it's nice to experience the party scene elsewhere. Next week, a trip to K/W perhaps? Who knows.