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Dj Hype @ System


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fucking badass

breaks tight

Hype off the hook

me drunken and to bed
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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jus got home...going to sleep for the rest of the afternoon......

last night was wicked...hype tore shit up!!! always on top of his shit for shore

system was rammed and vibe was alright (the usual system vibe ya know)

saigon came on after and I gotta say he destroyed shit as well...saigon you are for real a badmon
lush closed out the night and we were there till the bitter end when the lights came on and a group of hardcore's were chanting 'one more song' at lush....maddess

Sugar D

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Damn. Plans got altered and I didn't end up hitting this.

Would have liked to have seen my boy Grouch.
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the good:

- the sound- dancing near the speakers and my ears are still ring-free today
- mm the breaks room
- nice to see a packed jungle jam

the not so good:

- the crowd - holy fucking rude people out in full force last night


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So nice to see the breaks room packed for 2 weeks in a row now. The word it out! The breaks have finally arrived at LOADED!

I was still playing at 4:30 when they shut down the room on me. The room was still full at the time, too...

Made it out to the main room for a bit. Only really caught Mystical's set... he killed it as usual.

Good times.


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A great big big big up to PurePhunk for the list action.

I was the big guy double fisting it and shaking my ass off in the back room. LOL




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i was tired earlier in the night and debating staying in....but i am really glad that my ass was dragged out! very fun night :) great breaks in the back, and the main room was very energetic. i haven't danced that much in awhile, although it was pretty packed and i was wishing i had more room
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Hype played from 130-330 i think. Was a good show. Highlights for me were brown paper bag, which i hadn't heard in ages, and listening to turtle in the back room while on a break from the hypeness.

sausage party say wha? good times though.



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sausage party....mmm....i love having that many options to choose from so no complaints from me ;)

hype was awesome....as per usual....sorta lost me for a bit to the breaks room cause turtle was playing some wicked breaks and then dmonic came on and carried on doing the same...so good

anyways...tons of fun...lots of boys...can't wait till next time!


Dirty Girl

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go team sausage!!!
Fucking right!!
Good shit.
hammered again- oops.
I ventured into the hip hop room for the first time -gotta hit that shit some more - fucking madd hotties up in there!!!


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Definitely something different......

The energy was crazy.....arrived a bit before midnight and the place was relatively packed already and there was still a huge line outside. I don't usually mind it being so packed but not to jungle......you need room to dance and to dodge elbows. The rude factor was definitely up there...

The backroom rocked.....loved the track selection from the chick, Turtle was great and Dmonic impressed....but I was completely taken by Hype.....I can't remember the last time I danced like that....or at least I tried, gettin much too old.....

It was great to see so many good friends out.....just like the good old days......

Until the next time......

DJ Red Lion

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Hype Still #1 In My Books

Late Party Review ............... Better Late Than Never.

It was moist outside and it was moist inside too. Great turnout for Loaded Saturday's ..... probably the busiest I've seen it but then again I've been 4-5 times so ..........

Nice mix of veterans and new(er) junglists inside. Ran into a lot of old jungle supporters who I hadn't seen in a number of years, Hype always brings'em out of the woodworks.

Spent a majority of my time putting my knees and ankles a 2 step closer to early retirement. I'm finally walking without any pain again and it's Wednesday.

Lots of energy inside the club and lots of steppin' on toes. I found the crowd to be a bit more polite than I recall back in the day. I know there were some complaints about how rude some people were ...... maybe I'm just used to it by now.

Mystical threw down a nice set in prep for Hype. Not wanting to miss a single moment of DJ Hype I had to plan my outdoor smoke breaks accordingly .... ie. I quit smoking from 1:30-3:30 on Saturday ....... my lungs say thank-you.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Hype is my kind of DJ. He always plays a nice mix of all sounds of jungle. Plenty of teases on the decks with lots of familiar vocals blending in the backround. Hype's scratching as always was incredible. The MC however .... I could have done without. He had his moments .... about 3 ...... but the rest of the time the Duke Of Earl was just shouting nonsense. If I hear "I say Junglist and you say Movement" one more time I'm gonna ........

Hype's final track, in pure Hype fashion was the track of the night.

Was awesome to party with the old Guelph crew. Thanks Loaded and System for an awesome night.

Summer Into Jungle & Some Are Into Everything Else!!!

Donnie W.
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