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DJ HOSE-Summertime Ragga-Jungle Mix


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Ragga-Jungle mix of mine! Jungle Massive!

DJ HOSE-Summertime Ragga-Jungle

Track list!
1. DJ HOSE-»Runaway« - (Dubplate)
2. DJ ASH & DJ VERN-»Squeeze« - (Tearin Vynil)
3. KRINJAH-»Squeeze Rmx« - (Hand Grenade)
4. RCOLA-»Pass The Dutchie« - (Royal Crown)
5. RCOLA & JACKY MURDAH-»Junglist Outlaw« - (Chopstick Dubplate)
6. RCOLA & JACKY MURDAH-»Junglist Bandelero« - (Chopstick Dubplate)
7. RCOLA & JACKY MURDAH-»Jungle teng feat. General Pecos« - (Chopstick Dubplate)
8. RCOLA-»Nuttin a go so« - (Royal Crown)
9. GENERAL MALICE-»Jah Kingdom Rise« - (Big Cat)
10. DJ K-»Murdah« - (Big Cat)
11. DJ K-»Flyin'« - (Big Cat)
12. REBEL MC & TOP CAT-»Champion DJ« - (Congo Natty)
13. RAY KEITH-»Chasing Shadows« - (Dread)
14. DJ K-»Surf The Volume« - (Big Cat)
15. General Malice-»Bloodclat« - (Big Cat)
16. B BOY 3000-»Klash!« - (N2O)
17. 88.3 feat Lisa May-»Wishing On A Star« - (Labello Blanco)


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I was in the mood to listen to some jungle, not necessary ragga, but it turned out to be the perfect one for the evening. <3 the track around 16:52

thank you
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shit! I always trying to figure out the dirty dirty track at 50:00, I started counting tracks till the end, I got really into the mix and lost count.



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