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DJ Heather @ Shine


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Me and the mighty Michellemybelle hit this up in Vancouver on Friday past. I like going to new places and seeing what they have to offer.

Shine - the club was gorgeous. It had a main dance area with some nice seating, a cool bar area and more than enough room to dance if it was'nt at capacity. There was a back room but I did'nt make it back there.

Interesting mix of drinkers/partiers there. A pretty typical friday nite crowd who were all unwinding after the long week. Friendly bar staff and it was about $17 for an advanced ticket which is a bit much for a friday nite from what I'm used to, but that's just an observation.

I have forgotten the opening dj's name and for that I apologize cause there was some sweet, funky house being played and it had me and Michelle grooving from the minute we walked inside.

DJ Heather came on at 12 and took it from there. Lady know's how to funk the place up and her mixing was on point. By 1am the place was packed to capacity and she had the crowd dancing.

That 2am shutdown time is a heartbreaker tho but luckily we met up with some people who graciously took us to an afterhours. It looked a lot like the basement of Element and the music was dirty funky house. Just perfect for those who like to party all nite long. Met a lot of really nice people there too which was cool since people had been trying to tell me that there is'nt a scene in Vancouver any more. But I guess it is quite small compared to here and it would be pretty easy to get tired of it(see jaded;) )

Solid nite out.